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Birla Cellulose conducts hub development meet in Bhagalpur

Apr 17, 2019
Birla Cellulose conducts hub development meet in Bhagalpur

Birla Cellulose hosted a hub development meet at Bhagalpur focusing on growth of the hub through innovations in dress materials, sarees and stoles with brand Liva. With the market for women’s apparel witnessing high demand and expecting a further rise, it is definitely an area of focus for the industry. A traditional and one of the oldest textile centres of India, Bhagalpur has been associated with the silk industry for hundreds of years, and famous all over India for its tussar silk and Bhagalpuri sarees.

Through this meet Liva aimed to take forward its initiative that was started in Salem of providing innovation, technical, product and marketing solutions for the value chain, buyers, exporters and brands across the country.

The objective of the meet was to build awareness on emerging trends in women’s apparel globally and particularly in India, changing needs of consumer and growing environmental concerns. It also aimed to share unique opportunities for yarn partners and weavers to grow their business with Liva. Buyers representing prominent brands were also present for the conclave.

“There is a huge gap in the product offerings in Sarees from Bhagalpur. You either have a premium or there is basic level. There is a need for mid and mid – premium range. We aim to fulfil this gap by giving our partners more product offering and a compelling value proposition”, said Rajeev Gopal, Global Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Birla Cellulose.