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Biodegradation meets performance

Apr 26, 2017
Biodegradation meets performance

Sympatex Technologies will present another milestone of its “agenda 2020” during Performance Days, which will be held today and tomorrow in Munich. The ecological alternative amongst the functional textile specialists presents first results of its new cooperation with Lenzing AG: highly functional laminates based on botanic TENCEL fibres combining excellent breathability and extremely pleasant wear comfort without making any compromises on wind or water resistance.

According to its sustainable corporate strategy, Sympatex has decided to provide best possible combination of ecological compatibility and textile performance. The functional specialist pays close attention to avoiding other disadvantages, such as high water or energy consumption as part of adjustment to natural polymers. The highly-functional laminates, based on botanic TENCEL fibres from Lenzing, are produced in a highly environmentally-friendly procedure that is considered to be the cleanest technology for cellulose fibre production of the future. They are exclusively produced from certified wood of sustainable cultivation and are biodegradable.

“Our agenda 2020 passed at the beginning of this year is based on a precise roadmap. It comprises, amongst other things, that we want to produce PTFE- and PFC-free Sympatex laminates in a completely climate neutral way by 2020. As part of it, we are also planning to only use natural resources as material, whenever possible. Thanks to the cooperation with Lenzing, we have taken a huge step forward to fulfil our goal of improving the overall ecological balance”, says Dr Rüdiger Fox, CEO of Sympatex.