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Bangla raises denim capacity

Aug 18, 2016
Bangla raises denim capacity

With the the demand for denim products rising rapidly in global market, Bangladesh has set up five new denim taking the total to 30 in the recent times. Another five more companies are in the pipeline as the demand is for denim has been rapidly increasing in Europe, the huge market for denim.

Initially Bangladeshi manufacturers used to produce denim products like trousers but now they also produce shirts, pillow covers, bed sheets, home textiles, table cloths and aprons.

The denim production capacity is huge in Bangladesh at more than 40 million yards a month against the demand for nearly 70 million yards. The gap is filled with imports from countries like China, Pakistan, India and Turkey. Bangladesh’s export of denim products is expected to touch $5 billion from the present $2 billion.