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ASTM proposes new testing standard for cotton fibre

Aug 13, 2021
ASTM proposes new testing standard for cotton fibre


A proposed ASTM International standard test method is going to cover areas related to ribbon width, fineness, maturity, and micronaire of cotton fibres. The standard is developed by ASTM international textiles committee.

This test method is going to focus on cotton fibres taken from a chemically untreated and loose sample that is taken before ginning, harvest, during mill processing, and separated from raw yarn. According to Stuart Gordon, Team Leader, CSIRO Agriculture and Food, its is important to know the cross-sectional properties of cotton fibres that run across the cotton supply chain from breeding, textile production, an fabric appearance. He also said that this standard is going to offer a quick assessment of cotton fibre sample's properties. The international cotton industry has always been looking for such a standard.

He also said that research laboratories, regulatory bodies, and cotton merchants and spinners are going to benefit from this standard test method. This standard also has application in the forensic examination of textiles to get assured of the quality and for identification purposes as it can be applied to fires separated from yarn in a textile.

Goal #12 of the United Nations Sustainable Development directly relates with this effort on responsible consumption and production.

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