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Asteks expands market with new products in 2019

Jan 09, 2020
Asteks expands market with new products in 2019

Asteks has increased its sales figures with new products and investments in 2019. Asteks is a leader of the Turkish textile market with their cots, apricots, and crafts. In 2019, as a specialist in rectification solutions, Asteks managed to increase its sales figures both in the domestic and international markets and has a strong market vision for 2020.

Uncertainty and financial tension in the global economy were felt in all markets. In 2019, as well as the trade war between the US and China, the Brexit process between the UK and the European Union deeply affected global markets. Turkey has effectively dealt with these two as well as regional political and socio-economic problems. All this made 2019 a difficult year. Providing recycled products to the textile industry, Asteks managed to achieve successful results despite these challenging conditions. Asteks increased their sales figures despite the challenging conditions of 2019.