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AMEC-AMTEX–BTMA–SYMATEX & UCMTF to organise roadshow in Mexico

Oct 16, 2018
AMEC-AMTEX–BTMA–SYMATEX & UCMTF to organise roadshow in Mexico

Europe is the undisputed world leader for textile machinery. Before the flagship ITMA 2019, four machinery manufacturers associations, AMEC of Spain, SYMATEX of Belgium, BTMA of Great Britain and UCMTF of France have taken the initiative to organise a roadshow in Mexico. More than 18 manufacturers have joined. On the Mexican side, the initiative has also received a strong support from CANAINTEX and CITEX.

Then, a two day programme has been set up. The European textile machinery manufacturers will welcome the Mexican textile and carpet manufacturers and present them their latest technical innovations and services in Mexico City (November 20) and Puebla (November 21).

The machines cover nearly all the textile industry, from fiber processing to dyeing and finishing and even recycling through weaving, circular knitting; all end uses markets, textile for apparel, home textiles, carpet manufacturing and technical textiles for the automotive manufacturers for example.

This is a very convenient opportunity to meet these state-of-the-art machinery manufacturers, meet them at the highest levels, know them better, discuss about your projects. They are already or can become your technology partners to design new products, improve your production processes, increase your raw materials, energy and water savings and introduce new features of industry 4.0.

As of September 30, the following companies will participate:
  • Alliance Machines Textiles: Dyeing and finishing machines
  • BMS Vision: Hardware and software for Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Canmartex: Large-diameter circular knitting machines for knitted fabrics
  • Garnett Controls: Online weight controls, blending and dosing
  • Cygnet Texkimp: Fibre handling and converting machines for technical markets
  • Gomplast: Coating rollers with rubber, polyurethane and fluoropolymer
  • Icomatex: Machinery for washing and textile finishing
  • James h. Heal: Complete range laboratory instruments
  • Jeanologia: Laser and eco technologies for fabric and garment finishing
  • Laroche: Nonwovens and recycling machines
  • N. Schlumberger: Long fibre spinning machines
  • Pirobloc: Thermal oil boilers
  • Picanol: Weaving machines (airjet, rapier)
  • Rousselet & Callebaut De Blicquy: Continuous centrifugal hydro extractors, dyeing machines
  • Superba: Yarn continuous heat treatment and space dyeing machines
  • Tacome: Textile printing and finishing machines
  • Trelleborg: Coated polymer solutions for the finishing industry
  • Vandewiele: Complete lines from extrusion to weaving
The organisation of the two days roadshow will be very informal: a mixture of speed dating, B2B meetings and networking. In Mexico City: at CANAINTEX November 20 in Puebla: at Club de empresarios de Puebla. There is no participation fee but registration is mandatory. As occupancy is limited, registration will be on a first come-first served basis.