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Action-Fashion Innovation Award for Coloreel

Sep 07, 2021
Action-Fashion Innovation Award for Coloreel


The prestigious Encouragement for Action award in the category for Fashion Innovation has been given to Coloreel for creative and sustainable embroideries.

The Fashion Innovation category is awarded every year to a company that has the ability to look a little further into the future and has been able to contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry by bringing in some innovation. The winner this year has created a process that colours every single thread without water using advanced technology. This leads to no water pollution and no residual waste. In general, it is believed that the colouring of thread and fabrics require very large resources of water which is later dumped into lakes along with other residual waste. By this is not true with the technology that the winner has come up with.

The winner has created a possibility for a positive and sustainable change in the future fashion industry using digital technology. The winner is based in Sweden and has shown the world that Sweden is a country with a strong innovation force. According to Torbjörn Bäck, CEO, Coloreel Group, Coloreel has been awarded the prestigious Encouragement for Action Fashion Innovation Award. This shows the ground-breaking technology for creative, modern and sustainable embroideries make an impact. He expressed his gratitude for receiving the award and for getting motivated by the jury.

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