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20 Bangladesh garment workers injured in police clash

May 11, 2021
20 Bangladesh garment workers injured in police clash

Gazipur, Bangladesh

Garment workers from apparel factories staged protests demanding an extended Eid vacation. They barricaded important roads in the manufacturing hub of Gazipur and clashed with the police, which resulted in 20 workers and one policeman getting injured.

The Industrial Police (IP) tried to get the situation under control by asking the workers to leave but they were attacked. This led to the police firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. This commotion caused a traffic halt for 20 minutes.

The workers from Ha-Meem Group and Standard Apparel demanded a vacation for 10 days while Star Link Design Ltd workers demanded a 12 day-vacation. These demands were against the government issue of a three-day break. The authorities of the companies later decided to extend the break with Ha-Meem Group giving seven days, Standard Apparel giving six days and Star Link Design Ltd giving ten days.

Industrial Police have been stationed around all the factories for extra protection.

Source: BD News 24

Image Source: Unsplash 

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