Jumac Manufacturing partners in spinning progress

Jumac Manufacturing partners in spinning progress


Jumac gears up for its participation at the upcoming ITM 2024 exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey.

As a pioneer in material handling systems for the textile industry, Jumac’s journey has truly been one for the ages. Across decades and geographies, Jumac has partnered with the biggest spinning mills, helping them make sliver handling smarter and more efficient.

Networking, collaborations and more at ITM 2024

Excitement is brewing as Jumac gears up for its participation at the upcoming ITM 2024 exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey. As a regular at previous editions of ITM, Jumac is aware of the tremendous opportunities for collaboration and partnership at the event. The company is looking forward to connecting with many customers and partners during the event.

Across decades, Jumac has partnered with the biggest spinning mills

Successful collaborations, shared journeys

The symbiotic relationship that Jumac shares with its customers has been the cornerstone of the company’s growth over the years. Through regular assessment of the latest spinning technologies and evolving mill requirements, Jumac has been successful in designing solutions that deliver the best value. This, in turn, has brought more global recognition, with top mills relying on Jumac for their latest spinning projects, powered by different machine manufacturer brands.

Progressively growing global footprint

The role of Jumac’s handpicked partner network has been immense in the company’s growth in different geographies. Through its partners, Jumac has been able to maintain easy accessibility, ensure prompt delivery, and deliver knowledge-driven after-sales support and last-mile assistance to customers.

The company successfully ventured into as many as 7 new territories (including Italy, Mexico, East Africa, Peru, Columbia and Zimbabwe) last year, and the support of local partners has made a big difference.

Continuous growth, continuous evolution

Since the start of its journey back in 1973, Jumac has always focused on coming up with progressively advanced material handling systems that help its customers gain competitive advantages. With an extensive portfolio of regular & specialised cans, trolleys & more, the company is on a mission to make the sliver management ecosystem incrementally stronger & better. All products are manufactured in-house, and adhere to stringent quality parameters.

“By investing in dedicated R&D activities, we continuously upgrade our overall infrastructure and product range. With a combination of cutting-edge infrastructure and dedicated manpower, we make life simpler for our customers worldwide” saysHimanshu Fogla, Director, Jumac Manufacturing.

Ushering in the future of spinning

When it comes to innovation in the field of material handling, Jumac has always been a step ahead. In 2019, the company became the first to leverage mobile technology, with the Smart Can mobile application.

Trials are currently on for its revolutionary IIoT-enabled sliver management system, Ji+. With data-driven automation, centralised control and last-mile traceability, this system will help mills seamlessly integrate Industry 4.0 parameters in their day-to-day operations.

Jumac is a widely recognised, acknowledged and appreciated global brand in material handling solutions. With continuous learning and technical expertise as its forte, the company is set to keep pushing boundaries and redefining possibilities.