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We provide one-stop solution in automation

Mar 01, 2015
We provide one-stop solution in automation

At Coimbatore-based Indo Texnology, the focus is on automation for the textile industry. System and Process Automation when integrated to the operation, yields a significantly positive impact on the business and all its stake-holders. In process automation, the company offers SORTLINK´, AUTO CONE-PACK´, BALEXpress®, Honeycomb, and in system automation, it offers spinnova´ and TexManage.

w, spoke to ITJ Senior Sub Editor Karthik Muthuveeran on its growth over the years, and the various products on offer for the textile industry.

Karthik Muthuveeran (KM): Please give some background information about the company. How it has evolved over the years?
Thirupathi S (TS):
At Indo Texnology, we focus on automation for the textile industry. Within automation, we have two categories: Process automation and System automation. When we say automation, is not just about minimizing human dependence on repetitive functions and reducing the head count, but also includes other aspects such as avoiding errors, saving cost, enhancing quality and enable correct and speedy management decisions and improving safety. All of these aspects could be desired from Automation.

We have a well knit team with passion and deep rooted experience in the textile process, concepts of industrial engineering, product conceptualization and implementation and of course with skills ranging from software development, electronics to engineering design.

Indo Texnology started with automated bailing in 2007 when it was not much popular here. We have made a name in the industry. Any new project that comes up today has got automated bailing. We have our installations in almost all large textile groups Vardhman, SEL, Nahar, Trident, Welspun as well as medium and smaller mills.

Indo Texnology also offers SORTLINK ? fully automatic bobbing sorting for existing auto winders. This is our patented product. We are the only company in the world to offer this unique product. All mills which do not have link-coners can use SORTLINK and save significantly number of workers. In a sense it helps fulfill the a share of the linking function.

KM: What are the wide range of products offered by the company? What makes these products different from that of the competitors?
As I informed we are the only company in India or probably worldwide to offer this range of solutions focused on automation both process and systems from automatic baling to Auto-cone packing, online monitoring to ERP. Our knowledge of the textile manufacturing process, application of Industrial engineering and other concepts to enhance productivity save cost is the value add.

We have AUTO-CONE PACK the fully automated cone packing System. This is the first-of-its-kind in India. Such systems from abroad have been prohibitively expensive. At Indo Texnology, we have not only brought it within the reach but this process also manages without requiring special quality of packing material and hence does at the usual packing material cost. Auto-Cone Pack also incorporates features specially required by Indian mills such us weight control, integrated information to mills IT system etc.

In system automation, we have Spinnova -Online Automatic monitoring system. It helps improve operational efficiency and can save up to 70 per cent of workers walking time. This system can payback within less than a year. We also have TEXMANAGE ´a textile specific ERP system. We have implemented TEXMANGE in more than 25 spinning and weaving mills in the last 5 years.

Indo Texnology provides one-stop solution for automation. These are all new concepts. We plan to have new products for weaving and other sections as well.

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