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We offer complete flock coating & flocking lines

Apr 01, 2015
We offer complete flock coating & flocking lines

Serving the industry for over 30 years, Amba Projex has been a provider of coating, laminating, flocking and many other roll to roll process applications. These include the traditional and technical textile sectors as well as cutting edge composites. The company provides process equipment and machinery for technical textiles and other substrates. Amba Projex provides machine and process design, construction, installation, ongoing support and servicing.

In a tete-a-tete with the Editor of the ITJ, Barry Goodwin, Managing Director, Amba Projex, shared his insights on the Indian market, importance of R&D in current scenario, global markets and future plans.


ITJ Editor: How do you rate your presence in Indian market since the beginning? Elucidate with some details.
Barry Goodwin (BG):
We have had a presence in India for over twenty years and have clients all over the country. India is a ´hard nut to crack´ but when you are able to demonstrate the value your offering brings when compared to East Asian solutions clients remain loyal and come back to us time and time again.

It was coating and flocking that brought us here originally we sold a line into Rajasthan that produced the countries best quality flock back in late 1990s further lines followed and in more recent years clients have experienced the benefits of what a modern reactive polyurethane lamination machine can bring.

ITJ Editor: What are your experiences in coating, laminating & flocking and how are your company placed in the global market in these areas of applications?
We are one of only a few companies able to supply complete flock coating and flocking lines and certainly the only one who stays with the client until a quality saleable product is manufactured, We have recently delivered and installed solutions to multinational companies located in India, America, Sri Lanka, Canada, South Korea, and Australia, and continue to be a preferred source for this type of equipment.

ITJ Editor: How do you think is R&D important for India in the current scenario? What are Amba Projex´s contribution in these?
R&D secures the future growth a prosperity of an organization and must not be ignored in India. Innovation and replacement and improvement of existing processes allows Indian companies to stand out from the majority who adopt a ´me too´ or ´copycat´ attitude.

ITJ Editor: Technical textile is another crucial area in India. What has been the reach of Amba Projex in the Indian market?
Technical textiles account for about 54 per cent of the global textile industry. Although well qualified to excel in this arena, India produces less than 10 per cent of its textile production in this field. Therefore, the potential market for technical textiles domestically and globally is huge. Couple this to the fact that the technical textiles sector is driven by enhanced profitability and that there is little by way of domestic competition and you can understand why the savvy mill owner is benefiting from getting involved in this arena. Amba Projex have been structured not only to help with the machinery but provide the technology and links to a global network for the benefit of clients who invest with us.
We are already helping client´s in number of areas to gain a foothold in the field of technical textiles.

ITJ Editor: What are your various services for the Indian industry? Your entire project services.
We provide machines, expertise, and chemistry used on the machines along with technology know how. We also supply p