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Many new products are in pipeline: Sabar MD

Feb 01, 2018
Many new products are in pipeline: Sabar MD

Since 1969, SABAR has been the only company in India that has been manufacturing complete range of spinning roll shop machines under one roof. Today, Sabar ranks among one of the world’s top manufacturers of spinning roll-shop machinery. It is not a surprise that the company has clientele in more than 25 countries across the globe.

“In fact, of the total cot-grinders’ installation in India, more than 80 per cent are of brand Sabar,” says DH Shah, Chairman of Sabar during an interaction with ITJ Senior Sub Editor, Karthik Muthuveeran.


For Sabar, what do you think are the achievements since its inception?

Sabar was established in the year 1969 with the inception of standard cot grinding machine. Over the years, Sabar has subsequently introduced mechanical high production cot grinding machine, extended standard cot grinding machine for jute spinners, semi-automatic cot grinding machine, automatic cot grinding machine, 400/AF twin automatic cot grinding machine, 800/2AF twin automatic cot grinding machine and the most latest 400/AF twin automatic cot grinding machine with pre diameter check and servo controlled.

Apart from cot grinding machine, Sabar has introduced many other worthy products like eccentricity and taper tester, fluted roller truing machine, top roller greasing machine, top roller degreasing machine, UV top roller treatment machine, online automatic UV top roller treatment plant, spindle lubricating machine, hydraulic cot mounting demounting machine, flyer cleaning machine model Air-O, clearer roller cleaning machine, bobbin roving end opening machine, spindle centering device, to name a few. Many other developments are in pipeline and hence Sabar has always striven to achieve the most result oriented and worthy machines for textile spinners.

How does Sabar meet the challenges of today? Give details of its latest machines and developments.

We, as a Sabar team, always strive to give the most user friendly and result oriented machines for our customers. Sabar engineers’ frequently visit textile spinners and try to take out the problems faced at floor level. By taking several feedbacks, we invent design.

The latest development at Sabar is the 400/AF twin automatic cot grinding machine with pre diameter check and fully servo controlled. In this model, customer can get production of both small and long cots simultaneously without interchanging any grinding attachment. Besides for small cots section, they will get additional benefit of pre diameter check of cots. Hence the cots, which are outside the predetermined range, will be rejected automatically. This will help in achieving uniform grinding.

Sabar is one of the leaders in spinning roll shop machinery. What are the advantages and benefits of these over that of other competitors?

Sabar is the pioneer of spinning roll shop equipment. Till date, more than 3,000 machines are installed across 26 countries in the globe. After such heavy installation, Sabar got various feedbacks from the end users, and due to which, the design, input material, grinding accuracy and all other relevant parameters are developed after utmost care. Hence end users are getting the quality results, which are way more superior than other makers due to which Sabar is sustained in the industry since 1969.

How do you look at the textile machinery market in India?

Textile machinery market in India has a lot of potential as India as it is one of the dominant countries that hold great contribution in the field of textile. Textile machinery maker has always a bright future.

In exports, how has the company been faring? What are its major breakthroughs?

Sabar’s key person is now directly involved in the export market and paying close attention. As a result, Sabar has almost secured 80 per cent market in Bangladesh for the new projects and covered dominant market share in other countries like Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, etc.

How was the response to recently-concluded ITMACH event in Gandhinagar?

During ITMACH, Sabar exhibited normal automatic cot grinding machine, clearer roller cleaning machine, flyer cleaning machine model Air-O, spindle lubricating machine. The said products play an important role in spinning department, thus many visitors have visited and learned about the technology.

If there are any expansion or entry into new areas give us some details.

Sabar is regularly expanding its production range in spinning roll shop equipment and there are many worthy products that are to be developed for easy and effective production in spinning. Sabar is working on it and soon, new products will be revealed in the same field.

Sabar cot grinding machine

Sabar is the first company to introduce the twin fully automatic cot grinding machine for the textile spinning industry. The machine is fully automatic with diameter checking and controlled by servo with specially-developed fully automated centerless grinding attachment having highly sensitive electronic software in-built in the machine for top roller diameter checking and inter connected with servo drive for top roller acceptance and rejection with a devise for automatic grinding and having two separate baskets for collecting rejected rollers as well as accepted rollers and ground on 200 mm width grinding wheel with hydra pneumatic system.

The machine is also equipped with a separate grinding zone to grind long cots on 25mm width grinding wheel by hydraulic table traverse simateniously when automatic part for R/F & S/F is under working. The machine is equipped with high efficient dust collecting unit & it’s quite user’s friendly machine for effective & higher rate of production.