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Future of spinning, accessories promising

Apr 01, 2015
Future of spinning, accessories promising

A . T.E. Enterprises Private Ltd´s journey began in 1939. Currently the company operates in various domains including textile engineering, cooling solutions, wastewater solutions, energy efficiency solutions, machine-to-machine solutions, flow technology and print and packaging solutions. Besides its pan-India presence, A.T.E has a subsidiary at Dhaka in Bangladesh, a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to manufacture precision spinning machinery components at Ahmedabad, India.

A.T.E. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Its expertise covers spinning, weaving, knitting, dry and wet finishing, printing, garmenting, home textiles, synthetic fibres and filaments, carpets, technical textiles and non-wovens, and also utilities such as air engineering, water treatment, effluent treatment and lab equipment. Laxmikant Rathi, Vice President´Spinning Accessories & Exports, A.T.E. Enterprises Pvt Ltd, in an exclusive interaction with the Editor of ITJ, spoke at length about the history of TeraSpin technology, and latest developments in spinning.

ITJ Editor: In spinning accessories, what are the major products and technologies A.T.E. offers?
Laxmikant Rathi (LR):
The robustness of the textile industry springs from the latest generation machinery that the industry has installed and continues to install. In a world of heightened competition where the success is defined by quality, productivity and cost; the textile industry comes trumps up with its preference for hi-tech machines, giving it a decisive edge even in the export market. The latest generation high speed machines require timely maintenance and use of high quality spares and accessories to ensure optimum performance of these machines. It is at times tempting to use spurious spares available in the market, because of the low cost. However, such spares can do incalculable harm to hi-tech machines, seriously affecting their performances and eventually adding to the ´total cost of ownership´ in the long run.

A.T.E. has therefore a dedicated business group to encourage use of high quality spares and accessories. This division is working to make original spares available at affordable price and in the shortest possible time.

ITJ Editor: How has TeraSpin been faring? Give us some background of TeraSpin history.
LR: TeraSpin:
The spinning machinery components business that have come to its fold with the take-over of SKF India´s textile machinery component business. As a part of acquisition process, SKF has fully transferred the technology used for manufacturing these components to A.T.E. The product range covers high speed spindles, drafting systems and top rollers for ring frames and speed frames.

The manufacturing operation from SKF, Pune, Maharashtra, has shifted to TeraSpin´s state-of-the art manufacturing facility at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. TeraSpin is serving both India and international markets with organization set-up, systems and processes and marketing strategies.

Apart from the existing products, TeraSpin R&D team together with marketing is working on new developments in drafting and spindle technology.

Our new innovation is TeraSpin´s active cradle for ring frame. The cradle is designed to keep the R-distance constant and without compromising the benefits of flexible apron movement. Due to reduction in thin places and micro IPI, the cradle has received excellent response in the market.

The new speed frame top arm (PK1500) with ergonomic handle and NiCr plating and special springs was also appreciated by most of the customers. OEMs from Europe, India, and China prefer using this top arm on their roving frames.

Super high speed spindle with HF100 insert has unique features of minimum contact area; whereby reducing the power consumption and noise level. The spindles are manufactured with fine to