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Bruckner advantage lies in energy cost reduction

Oct 01, 2014
Bruckner advantage lies in energy cost reduction

For 65 years BRUCKNER is known as worldwide leading in the production of machinery and line systems for the finishing and coating of textiles, woven technical fabric, non-wovens and other planiform materials. All machines are manufactured exclusively in BRUCKNER´s own site in Germany and the technology centre at the headquarters in Leonberg near Stuttgart offers large and sufficiently possibilities for tests with the customer´s products and for the development of new products.

MATESA Tekstil San. ve Tic. A.S. has been established in 1989 in Kahramanmaras and is now one of the biggest textile companies in Turkey. In total, Matesa has 2,500 employees and is divided into four production sites: 

  • Spinning mill with a daily production capacity of 100 tonnes of yarn
  • Production site for knitted fabric with approximately 150 circular knitting machines and several stenters and relaxation dryers
  • Production site for woven fabrics with approximately 200 looms for gabardine, velours and shirting
  • Production site for denim with about 200 looms and finishing lines

MATESA´s philosophy is based on clear principles: top quality, fast service and highest reliability provided by a modern machinery which is always state-of-the-art. One of the reasons why MATESA buys since 2001 BRUCKNER machines. Just recently a BRUCKNER line has been set into operation - a relaxation dryer of the RX3 type with three fabric passages and an integrated innovative energy concept.

Galip Calik, founder and Director of MATESA, made himself available for an interview. With great pleasure, Calik looks back on the 25 years of the company´s history. He is proud that MATESA is today one of the top 10 Turkish textile companies and one of the top 400 companies in Turkey in general.

BRUCKNER: When did you buy the first BRUCKNER machine?
We bought the first BRUCKNER machine, a stenter with six zones, in 2001 and until today it is still operating perfectly. The concept of the half-zone-wise air circulation has convinced us. We found that the temperature distribution across the complete fabric width is absolutely uniform and this is essential for our high-quality products. For this reason we bought in the following years many other BRUCKNER stenters.

BRUCKNER: Up to now you had only relaxation dryers made by other producers in your factory. What made you now buy a BRUCKNER relaxation dryer?
The innovative concept of the new three-passage dryer was simply convincing. It is an absolutely perfect idea to heat and pre-dry the fabric in the first fabric passage with exhaust air from the second and third fabric passage. This requires no additional thermal energy. Today we know that particularly the energy costs are an extremely high portion of the overall production cost and this dryer concept starts exactly at this point.

BRUCKNER: And how is the production capacity of the machine?
The machine is in production since approximately one year. Depending on the type of fabric we are producing up to 20 tonne per day and we achieve very good residual shrinkage values. But much more important is the specific energy consumption such as m¦ of gas per kg of fabric. This is clearly better with BRUCKNER than with other suppliers. The energy consumption of BRUCKNER´s relaxation dryer is-depending on the process-by 15-30 per cent lower than the results of the other dryer producers.

BRUCKNER: Some years ago most of our customers had absolutely no feeling for this parameter. Almost nobody was able to tell instantly the prices for one cubic meter of gas, on kilowatt-hour of power, one kilogram coal or on