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Attitude of manufacturer/ buyer must change

Feb 01, 2018
Attitude of manufacturer/ buyer must change

True to its name, Airmaaster Tecnolozies India P Ltd aims at delivering high-performance technological products designed and developed for energy as well as space saving, deriving expertise from a plethora of experience of more than 25 years. Airmaaster is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company working in compliance with defined norms to endeavour superior quality products with best services and works towards progressive benchmarks to adhere commitments.

During an interview with the ITJ, SN Barathi, Managing Director of Coimbatore-based Airmaaster opines that the attitude of the buyer and manufacturer must change to give both a win-win situation for sustainability.


What do you think is the status of our textile machinery, parts and accessories industry – a SWOT analysis from your side.

Strengths: Scope of development is huge; hence potential for growth is high.

Weaknesses: Customers not supporting Make in India policy, which may slowly lead to monopoly of some foreign supplier, who will dictate prices at a later date.

Opportunities: Industry needs to support and maintain a win-win situation to both user and manufacturer for steady growth of the right products.


  • Infiltration of cheap foreign suppliers
  • Un-healthy competition and un ethical practices
  • Impregnating incorrect concepts to the customers
  • Industry is not ready to pay for the value addition done

What are your company’s contributions (by way of technology and products) to the textile industry? And what are the plans for the future?

We are the pioneer in introducing energy-efficient product in waste collection systems and humidification plants. “Multi Drum Filter”, which gives excellent power saving and space savings in case of waste collection system has won a national award. High-pressure air washer “Fog Master” gives excellent power saving and reduced maintenance cost in case of humidification plants. This product was also awarded the national award. The company is continuously in the process of developing the above products for further advantage to the end user.

How has your company been faring in the export markets for your machinery?

We want to stabilise Indian market fully before entering into export business.

What is your wish-list for the textile machinery industry and also the Government to make the industry a leader internationally?

Attitude of the buyer and manufacturer must change to give both a win-win situation for sustainability. The Government must form an unbiased body to access the difference in the raw material cost compared to international market and give subsidy to exporters as done in engineering industry.