How simulation technology can help manufacturing industry

How simulation technology can help manufacturing industry

Simulation is a powerful technique that enables manufacturing organizations to increase throughput, identify process bottlenecks and inefficiencies within the production line, says Shirin Hameed, CMO, Detroit Engineered Products (DEP).

In today’s highly competitive market, every company is trying to get their products to market, better than the previous version, and faster than their competitor. The mandate of fast to market continues to be a huge factor that determines the success of a business. It is not enough just to get to market the first, but the most optimum version of the product has to hit the market with minimum flaws, in the shortest time. The need for efficiency is paramount in all industries, and simulation is helping with it. In the manufacturing industry, variables like material, transportation and labour costs continue to increase each year, and companies have to ensure that these are being utilized in the most optimal way possible while keeping any kind of wastage at a minimum.


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