Excel dynamic cooler

Excel dynamic cooler

Excel Traders is one of the leading suppliers of material handling equipment of MORRIS and BRAD brands. The company also provides products from major companies like Slingset, Coolie, Pethe, etc.

Excel Traders is one of the leading suppliers of material handling equipment of MORRIS and BRAD brands. The company also provides products from major companies like Slingset, Coolie, Pethe, etc. The company, established by TS Saravanan, is an integrated air cooler company in industrial segment.

What is evaporative air cooling?
It is lowering of the dry-bulb temperature as air moves over a water surface. It is 100 per cent fresh air cooling, which helps to clean the air it cools. An Excel Dynamic Cooler is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling differs from typical air conditioning systems, which use vapour-compression or absorption refrigeration cycles.

Evaporative cooling works by employing water´s large enthalpy of vaporisation. The temperature of dry air can be dropped significantly through the phase transition of liquid water to water vapour (evaporation), which can cool air using much less energy than refrigeration. In extremely dry climates, evaporative cooling of air has the added benefit of conditioning the air with more moisture for the comfort of building occupants. Air washers and wet cooling towers use the same principles as Excel Dynamic Cooler but are designed for purposes other than directly cooling the air inside a building. For example, an Excel Dynamic Cooler may be designed to cool the coils of a large air conditioning or refrigeration system to increase its efficiency. Some of Excel Dynamic Cooler´s salient features are that its fine atomisation creates a healthier environment for men, materials and machines, and it maintains a humidity level up to 85 per cent. It also helps in temperature reduction, and is environment friendly. Excel Dynamic Cooler absorbs less heat when hot air goes through the cooling pad and it sheds away the polluted air with dust and odour.

Less expensive to install:
Estimated cost for installation is about half that of central refrigerated air conditioning.
Less expensive to operate: Estimated cost of operation is 1/8 that of refrigerated air. Power consumption is limited to the fan and water pump. Because the water vapor is not recycled, there is no compressor that consumes most of the power in closed-cycle refrigeration. The refrigerant is water. No special refrigerants, such as ammonia, sulfur dioxide or CFCs, are used that could be toxic, expensive to replace, contribute to ozone depletion and/or be subject to stringent licensing and environmental regulations.

Ease of maintenance: The only two mechanical parts in most basic evaporative coolers are the fan motor and the water pump, both of which can be repaired at low cost and often by a mechanically inclined homeowner.

Ventilation air: The constant and high volumetric flow rate of air through the building reduces the ´age-of-air´ in the building dramatically. Evaporative cooling increases humidity. In dry climates, this may improve comfort and decrease static electricity problems. The pad itself acts as a rather effective air filter when properly maintained; it is capable of removing a variety of contaminants in air, including urban ozone caused by pollution, regardless of very dry weather. Refrigeration-based cooling systems lose this ability whenever here is not enough humidity in the air to keep the evaporator wet while providing a constant trickle of condensate that washes out dissolved impurities removed from the air.

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Karisal Thottam, Pattanam Ittari Road, Cheran Nagar,
Ondipudur, Coimbatore – 641 016, Tamil Nadu,
Tel: 99444 30314

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