Enviu, CAIF and IKEA partner for textile waste management

Enviu, CAIF and IKEA partner for textile waste management

The partnership aims to turn textile waste into a resource while unlocking employment opportunities for more than 4 million waste workers in India

Circular Apparel Innovation Factory (CAIF), and IKEA Foundation have partnered
to set the ground for building a new circular textile waste model in India that
will help recover and reclaim value from textiles waste while unlocking green
jobs for the waste workers who are one of the most vulnerable and underserved


textile and apparel industry creates huge amounts of waste and pollution, equal
to the oil industry. India is one of the world’s largest textile producers and
importers of used clothing, but lacks an infrastructure to deal with textile
waste, leaving an estimated 4 million informal waste workers trapped in
low-income, unreliable jobs. Enviu and CAIF, together, build capacities and
skills amongst these waste workers, and build successful circular enterprises
to reclaim value from textile waste. This will reduce the environmental impact
of the clothing industry while enabling the workers to increase their incomes
and afford a better life.


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