ELGi EG PM screw compressors offer superior lifecycle value

ELGi EG PM screw compressors offer superior lifecycle value


Re-affirming ELGi’s commitment to delivering advanced, compressed air solutions to meet the evolving needs of the global manufacturing sector.

Elgi Equipments, the air compressor manufacturers, has announced an upgrade to the EG Series range with the introduction of the EG PM (Permanent Magnet) oil-lubricated screw air compressors available from 11- 45 kW. The state-of-the-art EG PM is poised to deliver up to 15 per cent improved efficiency gains, aside from an incremental FAD or free air delivery of 16 per cent for every customer. The EG PM series is tailored to deliver superior performance and energy efficiency, providing unmatched life cycle value across varying load capacities, even at 100 per cent load conditions, unlike many compressors that operate below 80 per cent load capacity.  

The EG PM Series offers customers a range of intelligent features engineered to minimise energy consumption and, as a result, reduce environmental impact. The high-efficiency drive systemincorporates a proprietary ultra-efficient IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motor tailored specifically for ELGi airends. The motor efficiencies between 96.5 per cent and 97.6 per cent are well above the IE5* levels, resulting in maximised energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction.  

The directly coupled system offers optimised lower motor and airend speeds, ensuring synchronous operation and optimal performance, which is particularly effective in variable speed applications. An intelligent thermal valve with an ambient temperature sensor maintains oil at ideal operating temperatures, preventing excessive heating in colder months and resulting in improved energy efficiency. The Neuron 4 controller offers a comprehensive solution for superior and reliable compressor operation. Equipped with an industrial-grade 7-inch touchscreen interface and intelligent algorithms, the Neuron 4 is designed to optimize energy usage, enhance overall operational efficiency, ensure safe and controlled operations, and facilitate proactive maintenance.

“At ELGi, our commitment to ‘Always Better’ drives us to constantly improve our products, maximising efficiency and dependability to lower lifecycle expenses and lessen the environmental footprint of our customers’ operations,” stated Bhavesh Karia, President ISAAME and SEA, Elgi Equipments. “Designed for a broad section of the manufacturing industry, the EG PM Series spans the 11 to 45 kW range, offering significant energy savings and decreased carbon emissions right away.”

The new EG PM range comes with ELGi’s superior warranty* package, which includes a 10-year warranty on the airend, five years on other compressor components, three years on the VFD, and one year on electrical and rubber parts.

“Our extended warranty demonstrates the dependability of our products and offers our customers extra peace of mind,” explained  Karia. “With our thorough warranty coverage and broad channel partner network, we guarantee proximity to our customers, ensuring swift and effective service responses. This approach helps maintain the industry’s best uptime and minimises lifecycle costs.”