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Smartcolour® for textile design variants

Jul 01, 2016
Smartcolour® for textile design variants

Digital printing that operates successfully since a couple of decades to the textile industry players is the solution for efficient large-scale production, such as fashion, visual communication and interior decoration. On the contrary, design is a matter of colours, light, shades and especially of creativity and expressiveness. So how to best match the technological innovation with the need to give vent to the style and customisation of national and international brands?

The magic formula lies in the versatile and easy to use software as Smartcolour® of Aleph, the Italian Company specialised in machines for large format digital printing. Smartcolour® is a programme for the production of textile design variants through the use of colour charts and it is realised especially for style offices and converters. It allows to quickly realise variations through the monitor with a precise and clear final colour simulation. The software can display more variants at the same time and is capable of handling an unlimited number, with the advantage of including all the information in just one file.

It is a proprietary integrated system for the management of images from small to large size and for colour management through editing functions on variants, such as copy, paste, duplicate, import, etc. The colour definition can also be done with a spectrophotometer, allowing the generation of new custom colour atlases.

And for a perfect realisation, the software allows a careful control of all stages and especially of the final design, approaching in this way the digital printing with conventional printing.

Smartcolour® by Aleph is a universal programme that can be used with all printers equipped with Microsoft or Windows drivers and all textile products on the market. Created in 1999 in the heart of the Italian textile manufacturing excellence, Aleph is now a company with a solid know-how in the construction of printing machine and in the development of supporting software.

From large format textile printers to drying systems, from proprietary software to consumables, Aleph develops and manufactures technologically advanced products for each individual printing process, and offers reliable after-sales technical support services. Aleph distributes in UK, India and Turkey through reliable partners.

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