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SDC launches SDCE Multifibre

Jul 01, 2015

At TekTextil in Frankfurt, SDCE announced the launch of their first ever 7 stripe Multifibre fabric test consumable. Developed in co-operation with a major international retail brand, from Germany, who will incorporate the use of SDCE Multifibre SLW (SLW) into their in-house testing standards, SLW benefits from the inclusion of a silk stripe. The silk stripe provides the same level of staining performance as that provided by the ISO single fibre adjacent silk, whilst leaving the staining performance of the other stripes unaltered´ each of which also stains identically to the corresponding SDCE single fibre adjacent fabrics.

In manufacturing a 7 stripe test strip SDCE made sure that the grading area is maximised whilst ensuring that existing contact test equipment should be compatible with the use of SLW. SDCE Multifibre SLW will be rolled out first to suppliers of the retail partner.