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QUADRA Hot air stenter

Apr 01, 2015
QUADRA Hot air stenter

Yamuna has ranked among the leading manufacturers of machinery for textile processing, finishing and associated branches of industries. The company provide an array of technologies including polymeriser, coating head, hydraulic jigger, washing, drying range, drum dryer, denim finish, dipping line, thermobonding line, singeing machine, shrinking range, rope scouring, merceriser, relax dryer, cold pad batch and hot air stenter.

Its hot air stenter model´QUADRA´has received an overwhelming response from the industry due to its most advanced and unique air flow system, high squeezing padder and the robust design of the machine, which has proved its performance in terms of production, efficiency and quality.

Fabric entry section
Fabric entry frames are made from heavy duty structure sections. There are various options available depending on the fabric quality,operating conditions, etc.

Mangles (Squeezers)
Mangles frames are made from combination of steel section and plates. Main rollers are made from seamless tubes and covered with ebonite 1rubber covering (hardness of covering ranges from 65° to 100° Shore A). Rollers are loaded pneumatically against each other to create desired loading pressure. Main roller is driven by worm reduction gearbox and motor,speed of the motor is controlled by frequency converters. Liquor troughs and trough rollers are made from stainless steel, they are designed to take minimum liquor quantity. For easy cleaning purpose trough can be easily lowered. Scroll roller I Bow roller is provided to remove the creases before the fabric is squeezed. At the exit side of the mangle sliding roller compensator is provided to synchronise the speed of rnangle with the speed of the stenter.

Stenter feeding section
Stenter feeding section is designed keeping in mind to cater various fabric varieties. It consists of main frame made from mild steel plates, structural section binders, etc.
Overfeeding system: Over feed roller is separately driven by gear box, motor and controlled by a variable frequency drive allows reliable pinning-on. Overfeeding from -15 to +50 per cent is possible, which in special cases can be increased to achieve the desired shrinkage. To prevent curling edges, depending on the type of fabric, motorised 3-spindle un-curlers or de-curlers units are provided to efficiently spread the fabric.
Fabric underfed roller is also separately driven with directly coupled gear box, motor and controlled by a variable frequency drive, which gives a positive control to the system.
A pair of driven scroll rolls is provided for knitted fabric or special applications. Percentage of overfeed, underfeed and individual selvedge tension is displayed on the touch screen panel on the control desk. Accurate measurement and digital display with a visual feedback makes it ergonomically efficient and also allows reproducibility of the process parameters.

Fabric transport
Horizontal or vertical type fabric transport chain systems are available depending on the fabric to be processed. Lubrication free horizontal chain system is also available with pin, clip or combination of pin and clip. Specially designed pin bars and clips ensure the safe handling of even most delicate fabrics. Heavy and longer pin bars are available for finishing thicker fabrics like carpets, canvas, and blankets.

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