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PrimaGreen® ALL: Enzymatic desizing for all conditions

Aug 01, 2016
PrimaGreen® ALL: Enzymatic desizing for all conditions

PrimaGreen® ALL delivers a step-change improvement in desizing performance across a wide range of processing conditions and formulations for ultimate flexibility and ease of use.

PrimaGreen ALL from DuPont Industrial Biosciences represents a step change in enzymatic desizing that delivers best-in-class product performance to the textiles industry, coupled with excellent energy and cost reductions.

What is PrimaGreen ALL?

PrimaGreen ALL is a highly concentrated liquid amylase solution for textiles desizing applications. Its wide temperature range and robust formulation means it can be applied under a broad range of processing conditions (pH 6 –10 and 20 – 105°C) and in a wide range of formulations for end-use. The low total phosphate and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in the working solution lowers the effluent treatment load.

For the textiles processor, PrimaGreen ALL enables ease of formulation, increased process flexibility and industry leading performance. Together, these deliver lower development costs and high potential for lower cost-in-use. PrimaGreen ALL can be used in a wide range of operating pH and temperature conditions, offering significant advantage to formulators and end-users.

Greater process flexibility & energy savings

A step-change in enzymatic desizing, PrimaGreen ALL delivers improved desizing performance compared to existing DuPont solutions and current competitive products. Industry-Leading Performance: PrimaGreen ALL delivers a step-change improvement in desizing performance across a wide range of processing conditions and formulations, for ultimate flexibility and ease of use.

Superior sustainability: PrimaGreen ALL is engineered to run end-to-end desizing operations at much lower temperatures than ever before across a broad pH range. Optimised Cost Savings: PrimaGreen ALL features less formulation development, better ease of handling, and lower energy costs with higher performance compared with other desizing solutions.

End-to-end enzymatic textiles processing

With PrimaGreen, DuPont offers an enzymatic solution for every step in the textiles production process, including pretreatment, desizing, scouring, bleaching and finishing. PrimaGreen enzyme technology is specifically designed to deliver sustainability, processing, quality and cost benefits to textiles mills.

DuPont expertise and support

DuPont Industrial Biosciences offers more than three decades of enzyme expertise within a company with over 200 years’ experience developing and delivering scientific innovation to markets around the globe.

  • R&D technology pipeline delivering continual improvements in performance and cost-in-use with each new generation of enzyme.
  • Global customer technical support from eight regional R&D sites in six different countries.
  • Secure supply and logistics for our customers with 19 manufacturing sites spread across eight countries.

Product form & application

  • PrimaGreen ALL enzyme is a highly concentrated amylase, which can easily be reformulated to ready-to-use liquid desizing products.
  • Chemical auxiliaries, wetting agents, detergents, scouring agents, or solvent scour can be used with all applications of PrimaGreen ALL enzyme.
  • Typically non-ionic surfactants are suitable for combination with enzymes.
  • Lubricants can be used in combination with amylase enzymes during desizing to reduce the formation of crease marks and streaks.

Packaging & Storage

  • PrimaGreen ALL enzyme is available in a variety of sizes to fit customer’s needs, ranging from 25 kg pails through 220 kg drums to 1,000 kg totes.
  • To ensure extended shelf life, store PrimaGreen ALL enzyme at 25°C (77°F) or below in closed containers. Storage and stability information is available upon request.

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