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Nimbus, brand-new age of garment finishing

Dec 01, 2016
Nimbus, brand-new age of garment finishing

Garmon Chemicals, with its HQ located in the Republic of San Marino, recently presented its latest innovation, Nimbus, which is a revolution in denim finishing, with water saving of up to 80 per cent combined with chemical safety.

After a long period of research, Garmon Chemicals, headquarters located in the Republic of San Marinos introduced Nimbus, the very first range of chemical auxiliaries and dyes specifically selected to be nebulised in closed systems and that deliver a set of unique benefits such as:

  • Fluid dynamics and rheology conceived for nebulisation;
  • More efficient contact and reaction between active principles and substrates;
  • A variety of innovative effects on denim and beyond;
  • Tremendous water savings (up to 80 per cent)
  • Significant energy savings (variable according to process)

The official unveiling took place during Kingpins Amsterdam held in The Netherlands in October 2016. Within the Nimbus platform there is Nimbus-z, safe processes for the nebulisation of enzymes in closed systems. Nimbus-z literally revolutionises the traditional idea of stone washing. This is a crucial step forward in terms of innovation for the industry, which now can consider embracing a safer and more conscious way of working. Denim treatments have historically gone through two main evolutions: the “Solid age” – the pioneering pumice stone era that rocked the fashion world from the end of the 60s – and the ‘Liquid age’ of the 90s, that took place when enzymes began to integrate the previous processes.

With the step-changing innovation Nimbus-z the industry enters the “Nebulisation age”, safe enzymatic treatments through self-contained, nebulising systems. Garmon Chemicals and Tonello Garment finishing Technologies, in close collaboration with R&D powerhouse and world-leading enzyme producer Novozymes, successfully measured the levels of airborne enzyme protein in filters from air samplings. Only ignorable amount of airborne enzyme were measured out of a specific procedure performed by spraying Garmon ATB 710 in a Tonello CORE washing machine.

“Technical progress opened new windows on the world of eco-conscious technology. At Garmon we felt the urge to look through those windows and we saw the unexpected”, explains Alberto De Conti, echoed by Alice Tonello, R&D manager of Tonello:

“The path towards real sustainable solutions is long.

As time is a scarce resource, Tonello takes a leadership position to speed things up and Core is an excellent example”, concludes.

Garmon Chemicals staying true to their deeply conscious spirit and their active participation at the Kingpins and Kingpins Transformers confirmed their strong, responsible approach.

Alberto De Conti, Marketing Garmon Chemicals, was be one of the speakers at the Transformer Conference, who debated the crucial theme chosen for this edition: “Toxic future: is the scary part of hazardous chemicals on the way?” The round-table involving representatives from G Star, Clean Production Action, Dystar, Archroma and Bluesign, a group of leading companies that, with Garmon and others, discussed the status of the industry and the opportunities for improvement.

How can key players of the sector produce consciously and in ways that are constructive instead of disruptive? Many apparel brands and retailers are launching individual initiatives to manage chemical risks and this is causing an outrageous proliferation of different methods. This is the big challenge that is shaking the industry today and that cannot be ign ored anymore. In this context, Gamon Chemicals, upholding the values of ‘saving resources and entering a new era’ at The Kingpins Show introduced Nimbus.