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Nanotek: A specialist in textile processing

Jul 01, 2015
Nanotek: A specialist in textile processing

The increasing demand of quality textile products at competitive rates has not only made way for high performance textile manufacturing and processing machineries but also forced concerned industrialists to upgrade their existing system, to high end automated setup, which ensures high productivity along with desired quality. The existing system consumes enormous manpower and always has an uncertainty of desired quality and production, Nanotek with its rich experience of more than a decade and with the core knowledge of textile processing has managed to provide its customers with the options of world class textile processing machinery including tentering machines, high temperature high pressure soft flow dyeing machines, jet dyeing machines, laboratory equipment, etc. sourcing from some of the best players in this domain.

Banking upon more than a decade long experience, highly qualified dedicated staff and uninterrupted 24x7 service policy, the company has been able to provide our customers, which are spread all over North India with top-notch trouble free customised automation solutions according to their needs at very competitive rates with the help of frequency inverter drives, programmable logic controllers, human machine interfaces, SCADA and other high quality instruments. Automation of different textile processing machines like tenter machine, sizing machine, maxi jigger and fabric in feed device (Photocell) are some of the mastered products.

The company´s R&D team is strongly dedicated and is constantly working to bring up new high quality automation solutions so as to make the process house run safer and smother with lesser man power and without any breakdowns.

Nanotek also has started to expand its horizons from textile to plastic, paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and packaging industries. Its motto is ´customer first´.