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DYEFAST by HeiQ accelerates polyester dyeing

Jun 01, 2015
DYEFAST by HeiQ accelerates polyester dyeing

The Swiss textile innovator HeiQ has introduced a new technology that has the potential to revolutionise polyester dyeing. DYEFAST enables a faster textile dyeing procedure leading to lower costs, less energy and water consumption and reduced carbon footprint. DYEFAST increases the productivity on existing dyeing equipment without having to change dye recipes and significantly lowers the overall process costs. Improved dyeing quality tops the list of benefits from this unique technology system developed and made in Switzerland.

HeiQ launches the new dyeing accelerator DYEFAST, designed to give faster dyeing of polyester fabrics using conventional dyeing equipment. Process time savings of 33 per cent directly lead to a much lower environmental footprint. If used throughout the global polyester dyeing industry, potentially 50 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, the equivalent to the entire annual carbon footprint of countries like Switzerland, Sweden or Norway, could be saved. The polyester dyeing process with temperatures up to 130°C has a strong impact on the environment including high water and energy consumption, waste water burden, and up to 4 kg CO2 emission per kilogram of textile. DYEFAST can save up to 33 per cent less dyeing time ´ as a consequence, the ecological impact, use of resources, and operational costs will be significantly reduced. DYEFAST directly contributes to improving the productivity by 33 per cent for dye house processing using the existing equipment.

DYEFAST is also designed to provide improved dyeing quality without having to change dye recipes. This revolutionary technology system provides enhanced color levelling and reduced risk of spotting. DYEFAST assists in improving product quality and decreasing the level of rejects and waste. And DYEFAST also contributes to achieving better dye wash fastness, potentially prolonging the useful life of the textile.

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