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Dow takes a step closer to its customers in India

Apr 01, 2015
Dow takes a step closer  to its customers in India

Dow Water and Process Solutions organised a seminar ´Water and Business Quality´ for the textile industry addressing wastewater treatment at Tirupur, Tamil Nadu.
As a part of its objective to create awareness about how Dow´s water treatment solutions, Dow Water and Process Solutions (DW&PS) organized a seminar ´ Water and Business Quality´ for the textile industry addressing wastewater treatment on February 6 at Tirupur. The seminar focused on wastewater compliance, increasing efficiency and saving energy. The event marked a successful outreach towards collaborating with end-user segments for DW&PS. The synergies were further enhanced with the partnership of Dow Microbial Control who presented ´Innovations in Hygiene Fabric´ showcasing solutions their product, Silvadur.

DWPS leadership was represented by John Patrin (Global Marketing Manager) and Katariina Majamaa (Global End User Marketing Manager) who shared their experiences and insights with the more than 170 participants. Speaking about the event, Katariina Majamaa said, ´The problems that Tirupur mill owners face has also been experienced by customers across geographies. The seminar provided us with an opportunity to showcase our depth of expertise with the end users that was well received by the participants.´

DW&PS is the market leader in reverse osmosis (RO), ultra filtration (UF) and ion exchange resins globally and in India. The critical factors to this success have been innovation, research & development (R&D). Through its unique combination of experience and innovative technology, DW&PS provides cost-effective solutions that treat effluents and purify water to the highest levels for consumption. DW&PS is helping people & industries throughout the world get more out of every drop of water.

The DW&PS team from India was in attendance, along with the network partners for the region. This collaborative approach ensured seamless integration between the market facing stakeholders, corporate and end users. Sharad Gollerkeri, Regional Commercial Manager for DW&PS India, commented, ´Tirupur represents a market which has the largest concentration of Textile industry players in India. Hence, Tirupur was a natural choice to hold this seminar. The seminar was a pivotal step towards embedding the Dow brand in the minds of our audience and establishing our deep expertise in waste water treatment for textiles.´

While the seminar focused on textile wastewater solutions, there were discussions on specific technologies including DOW FILMTEC´ reverse osmosis, DOW´ ultrafiltration and TEQUATIC´ PLUS self-cleaning particle filtration, which offer best-in-class solutions.

Commenting about the seminar, John Patrin said, ´There was energy and enthusiasm in the audience - not just about Dow, but also about how we can contribute to the success of our customers.´ He further added, ´Since 1940s, Dow has been an innovator in water separation technologies, expanding and growing along the way. Filtration is a relatively new concept for the audience, but the waste water treatment topic was received with both openness and curiosity by the audience.´

Tanmeet Gulati, Regional Marketing Manager further added, ´Dow Water & Process Solutions today offer a complete portfolio of solutions with their class-leading products. We hope to partner with the textile industry audience in meeting their sustainability mandates in the most cost effective method.´

Dow Microbial Control also participated in the event with a special segment about the growing consumer demand for apparel and other textiles that stay fresher longer and how Dow´s cutting-edge SILVADUR (TM) antimicrobial can help meet that demand by eliminating odor-causing bacteria from fabrics that have been treated with it. SILVADUR Antimicrobial´s advanced mode of action is both chemical and biological. It´s fully compatible with moisture m