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ANDRITZ calender line for German firm

May 01, 2015

One of the leading German textile finishers, the Lörrach-based enterprise Textilveredlung an der Wiese GmbH (TVadW) has invested in a new textile calender line concept by ANDRITZ Küsters, Krefeld, a company of international technology group ANDRITZ.

As TVadW´s production manager Harald Bäumle states, the profound experience of ANDRITZ Küsters in any kind of finishing for the textile, nonwoven, and paper industries has been the decisive factor for the investment into the new teXcal line concept: ´Textilveredlung an der Wiese GmbH is one of the leading finishers for fabrics such as adhesive interlinings, African damask, table linen and bed linen as well as for shirt and blouse fabrics. Our customers are importers and exporters, the manufacturing industry, wholesalers, textile companies and weaving mills. They all know about our complex know-how and the reliable and consistent quality we deliver as experienced textile finishers. Because only things that are better than good, will survive long-term. This is the reason for our investment in ANDRITZ technology, because we know that with our new calender line we will make a step beyond today´s standards.´

The new line concept, which produces successfully since October 2014, is an innovative combination of two ANDRITZ calender types, the well-proven teXcal s-roll and the extremely flexible 3-roll teXcal trike. ´Besides being operator-friendly, calenders need to provide a high degree of flexibility, reproducibility, and process control´, ANDRITZ Küsters´ Area Sales Manager Bernd Can explains today´s production demands. ´Placing a teXcal s-roll in line with a teXcal trike allows our customer to produce any kind of fabric with greatest flexibility in changeover of fabric width, speed, line force or finishing effect, not only home textiles or apparel, but also sophisticated technical textiles, using one calender individually or both in combination.´

Experiences from the nonwovens and paper industries have influenced the teXcal trike technology. This new development is a 3-roll calender with an innovative roll arrangement. At the top, the teXcal trike calender has a heated steel roll, with one system roll each arranged symmetrically on either side of it, thus setting a new benchmark in textile finishing.

For TVadW the new investment does not only manifest their leading position in their standard product range, but also opens doors to new market segments. Harald Bäumle: ´Together with ANDRITZ Küsters we will continue to develop new applications and special effects that will be integrated in existing production processes as well as lead towards further innovations in technical textiles.´