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´PFC-free´ water repellent finish

May 01, 2015
´PFC-free´ water repellent finish

Leading brands around the world count on ecorepel®, the ecological and durable water repellent finish from Schoeller.
When it´s cold and wet outside, a reliable protection is of precious value. Those who not only care about perfect equipment, but also about sustainability like the idea of ecorepel®: The ecological way to repel water and mud. Today more and more outdoor brands are looking for PFC-free water repellent finishes. This trend will surely not leave the end consumers unaffected. At OutDoor brands like ORTOVOX, Peak Performance and P.A.C present their products with ecorepel®.

ORTOVOX is introducing another innovative mix of materials in the mountain pants segment. The new MI SHORTS and VINTAGE CARGO PANTS are made of CORDURA® WOOL (55 per cent merino wool and 45 per cent CORDURA®). They both feature ecorepel® for ecological protection from water and mud.

Peak Performance presents the new fashionable BLACK
Light lite softshell pants and shorts: The pants are slim cut and enable full freedom of movement and breathability, made of soft-shell fabric with ecorepel®.
Peak Performance P.A.C. original is also featuring ecorepel® technology from Schoeller in its H2O multifunctional head band. It is perfect for biking and outdoor sports, as it protects the wearer from rain, snow and dirt and can be worn as scarf, cap or balaclava.
The ecorepel® textile technology is free from fluorocarbons (PFCs) and biodegradable according to OECD 302 B (80-100 per cent). It is based on long paraffin chains that wrap themselves spiral-like around individual fibres, filaments or yarns in a very fine film. This reduces surface tension so that water droplets and even mud simply run off.
Since its launch in early 2012 ecorepel® has in many areas become an ideal alternative to textiles finishes containing PFCs. As the technology is wash permanent and highly abrasion resistant, it represents the ideal combination of function and sustainability.