Card-Monroe Corp: The undisputed world leader in tufting technology

Card-Monroe Corp: The undisputed world leader in tufting technology

Today with nearly 90% of carpets produced by tufting, CMC’s focus on tufting and its dedication to make its customers more successful has made CMC the preferred choice for the tufting machines across the globe. mm”

Card-Monroe Corp. (CMC), headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, is the premier manufacturer of tufting machines for carpet, rug, and artificial turf producers throughout the world.

Today with nearly 90% of carpets produced by tufting, CMC’s focus on tufting and its dedication to make its customers more successful has made CMC the preferred choice for the tufting machines across the globe. Every machine is customised to match the unique requirements of each customer. In line with its mission to “bring industry-leading tufting technology to the world”, CMC invests millions of dollars annually to advance their state-of-the-art technology.

The beginning

CMC was founded in 1981, but its experience in tufting machine manufacturing dates back to decades earlier. In the 1930’s, the Cobble brothers began manufacturing tufting equipment for chenille bedspreads. Two of CMC’s leaders, Roy Card and the late Lewis Card Sr., nephews of the Cobbles, made their beginning in the 1940’s with Cobbles. These pioneers have shaped the history of the tufting industry with their technological innovations for more than half a century. Their innovative spirits have forever changed the way the carpets are made.

Today, CMC has over 2,400 state-of-the-art tufting machines in operation across 37 countries! The majority of its business relationships are long-standing. Card-Monroe Corp prides itself on the strength of those ties and believes that its emphasis on innovation, service, and integrity is the binding force that has kept those relationships thriving.

CMS serves following markets:

  • Hospitality: Distinctive styles and discerning taste are the hallmark of this market segment and Card-Monroe’s tufting machine innovations answer this call. Some in this market even ask CMC’s customers for CMC-branded products by name. When producing carpet for hotels, senior living, restaurants, or convention centres, CMC’s tufting machines help manufacturers meet their customers’ expectations.
  • Contract and commercial: Styles are more important than ever in this market. From carpet tiles to patterned broadloom carpet, CMC tufting machines satisfy the demand for innovative styling in today’s contract carpet market. With CMC’s patented ColorPoint™ machines, carpet manufacturers are creating great looking work spaces in offices and commercial buildings across the globe.
  • Residential: Whether high-end residential or multi-family apartments, manufacturers can keep their costs down with unmatched speeds and performance of CMC tufting machines. Manufacturers can combine a vast array of texture and colour options with different pile heights to create bold new carpet looks. CMC tufting machines can achieve cut-loop, high-low loop, and many other types of carpets desired by the residential market.
  • Turf: CMC is the world leader in the manufacturing of tufting machines for synthetic sport or landscape turf. Its turf machines reach speeds unrivalled in the industry. While other machines operate in the range of 200-300 RPM, CMC’s advanced turf operate at 600 RPM – even while tufting turf pile heights. This is as much as twice the speed of other conventional equipment, and that alone doubles productivity.
  • Rug: Distinct styling is the hallmark of rugs, and with CMC’s ColorPoint technology and Infinity Yarn Control rug patterns are limited only by the designer’s imagination. The Infinity attachment provides complete control at each needle, enabling endless design freedom.
  • Automotive: This market requires precision plus speed, and CMC’s high speed cut pile machines – built with the world’s most desirable gauge parts – allow manufacturers to meet the demands of their automotive customers and out-perform their competition.

Colorpoint™ machine

CMC’s patented ColorPoint™ tufting machine produces carpet that is more desirable and sophisticated – but with the style and agility of a tufting machine. It enables 100% full-gauge coverage since there is no buried yarn in the face of the carpet. This means manufacturers can produce lower weight, better-performing product constructions, with vivid colours, pinpoint stitch accuracy, unmatched detail, and enhanced product durability.

  • Pattern capability previously only available from a loom
  • 100% full gauge coverage with no buried ends
  • Precise single penetration colour placement
  • Remarkable ease of design
  • Unlimited variety of scale
  • Non-directional looks for carpet tile or broadloom
  • Produce unlimited patterns within the same colour combinations
  • Immediately alternate pattern colours without changing the creel

High-speed cut pile machine

The high-speed cut pile machine is available in 3/16, 5/32, 1/8, and 1/10 gauge. CMC’s Concept 2003 takes high-speed cut pile to the next level, allowing manufacturers to tuft at speeds of up to 1,400 RPM while shifting the needle bar. Concept 2003 along with PSP (Positive Stitch Placement) shifting, gives manufacturers the ability to create cut-pile constructions with better tuft distribution. Also included is a reliable, easy-to-use cutting system in the industry: the Advanced Cutting System II, which also enables manufacturers to create low, dense cut pile or high cut pile with more plush, softer hand constructions.

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