Birla Cellulose at Intertextile Shanghai

Birla Cellulose at Intertextile Shanghai

Shows fashion collections made from Birla Modal and other fibres. Birla Cellulose, a division of the $40 billion Aditya Birla Group and a world leader in speciality viscose staple fibres (VSF)

Shows fashion collections made from Birla Modal and other fibres.

Birla Cellulose, a division of the $40 billion Aditya Birla Group and a world leader in speciality viscose staple fibres (VSF) has embarked on a journey of adding more collaboration´s in China. And to do so, Birla Cellulose has participated at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics, which took place from October 13-15, 2015 in Shanghai at stall No. 5.32, E32.

With a wide array of speciality manmade cellulose fibres (MMCF) in its basket like Birla Viscose, Birla Modal, Birla Excel and Birla Spunshades, the company showcased its LIVA A/W 2016-17 Collection along with two other group companies and six value chain partners.

One group company, Thailand-based Thai Acrylic Fibre Co Ltd, one of the leaders in the acrylic fibre space presented its innovation in anti-microbial fibres – Amicor. The other is Aditya Birla Yarns, who displayed yarn innovations with unique blends and special features mainly leveraging viscose and Modal.

The LIVA A/W 2016-17 Collection is focused around the theme of art and the world of artists, and there is a definite look which is far from the ordinary and which was the inspiration for the two lines: Canvas and Gallery.

The Canvas collection celebrates art and craftsmanship and is inspired by the art movement which consists of finding out the new expressions of art using eco-sensitive materials. The featured fabrics of the collection include: LIVA Spunshade Mélanges, which offer eco-friendly spun dyed fibre, unfading colours and uniformity.

The Canvas line also has fabrics made from Liva Modal Amicor, which offers antibacterial properties with lasting hygiene and fresh feel, while Liva Modal Indigo carries natural dyes with sustainability as the key feature and Liva Spunshade Thermolite, which provides warmth and has different structures like plating, fleece, pique and more.

The Gallery collection celebrates the garment as a canvas by adding intricate details, while, the basic with a ´twist´ look is complimented by rich fabric blends. The featured fabrics of the collection include Birla Modal fibre in its pure form in structures and rich blends.

Others include: Birla Modal wool fibre offering warmth with comfort; LIVA laces offering a rich look with varied designs, prints and bonding; Birla Modal high twist fabrics giving crepe effects and Birla viscose/modal blended fibres offering metallic sheen and a range of varied digital prints and two faced plating and hombre.

¨The inspirations drawn from consumer interactions and brands have made us balance nature and fashion in our AW16/17 collection,¨ said Manohar Samuel, President – Marketing and Business Development at Birla Cellulose. Seven leading Chinese collaborative partners of Birla Cellulose too are exhibiting collections leveraging Birla Cellulose fibres. This includes: Frontier Spinning Mills, one of the largest producers of spun yarns for the knitting and weaving industries in the world, and Hangzhou Anchao Trading Co Ltd, one of the leading spinners of specialty dyed yarn on MVS technology.

Other partners are Shinehoo Textile Industrial Co Ltd, one of the leading sweater yarn producers based on eco-friendly Spunshades and supplier to some of the leading brands; a leading textile company with presence in weaving and spinning with a focus on dyed yarns, and Zhejiang Hengzhilu Fibre Co Ltd, a spinner in top dyed mélange and blended yarn catering to knitting segment.

The fifth is Zhenlun Spinning Co Ltd, an internationally renowned spinner of viscose fibres, having presence in all types of spinning technologies such as Siro, Siro Compact, Open End and MVS and lastly; Dongying Runfeng Cotton Co Ltd, an upcoming spinner of viscose and modal fibres, catering to high-end innerwear market in Guangdong. Sachin Malik, Head – Sales & Marketing (China), stated, ¨We are<

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