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The intelligent shuttle embroidery solution from Saurer

Jun 30, 2020
The intelligent shuttle embroidery solution from Saurer

Saurer Group is a globally operating technology company focusing on innovations for the processing of fibre and yarn. Saurer's portfolio includes embroidery machinery, spinning and twisting machines, as well as components, software and laboratory equipment.

Over 150 years of expertise
In Arbon, eastern Switzerland, the company has been innovating in the field of embroidery machines since 1869, which saw the birth of its first manual machine. Today, Saurer remains the original manufacturer of the shuttle (or Schiffli) embroidery machine, having produced its first automatic version in 1912.

Product range
Today, the Epoca 7 offers the ultimate in high-speed embroidery. It is also available as the Epoca 7 pro, which includes new technologies on the needle side such as an individually controlled thread guide and thread delivery. The Epoca 7 pro G features a unique machine concept with a sophisticated steel frame, which means it does not need a foundation.

The HeadLine System gives customers the choice to add heads for the attachment of cords, ribbons and sequins. Producers of technical textiles can also apply sensors, tubing and carbon fibres. With the LaserHead, patterns can be cut into virtually any fabric. SequinsLine is for designs that are composed primarily of sequins.

Saurer also offers a CAD/CAM platform, EmStudio, which incorporates all design workflow from sketch to production on a single system.

Automation and intelligent features
The following technologies reduce machine downtime, resulting in higher productivity. They also ensure that customers’ employees can be deployed where they are needed most. Plant owners can opt for the Automatic Rear Carriage, which allows for the width to be set according to the defined yarn properties, resulting in optimal embroidery speed, substantially reducing yarn breaks. The independently working CleanGuard keeps the area of the needle side immaculately clean, increasing the lifespan of the thread-guiding elements as well as the efficiency of the machine. The thread monitor SmartMon detects thread breaks on both needle and shuttle sides, stopping the machine almost immediately when this happens.

Customers can also use the mill management system Senses to gain a detailed oversight of their production facilities – live and from anywhere. By providing intelligent solutions for an improved manufacturing workflow and creative designs as well as showing customers the field from a new perspective, Saurer inspires their visions of the future. Where designs are concerned, the only limit is the imagination.