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IR dyeing machine from NEWAVE LAB EQUIPMENTS

Oct 15, 2020Sponsored
IR dyeing machine from NEWAVE LAB EQUIPMENTS

NEWAVE LAB EQUIPMENTS was founded by a group of coworkers with similar experience in October 2000. All the members have vast experience in manufacturing, operating and selling laboratory equipment.

Unlike traditional laboratory dyeing and finishing machine’s manufacturing, the company keeps improving its product’s convenience and durability. “Accuracy”, “Precision” and “Science” are major principles of Newave, and the company uses these principles to make its machine with the best accuracy, regardless of the machine’s time, temperature, stability and so on. All the strict demands of the machine are used to provide the user with the best repeatability between lab and production. So NEWAVE uses different test instruments to promote its products and collect the true data to provide the user with real and accurate machines.

Recently, textile industries are moving forward to environmental protection and low energy consumption. NEWAVE is not only manufacturing low energy and eco-friendly machines, but also customising those machines to satisfy customers’ requirements. NEWAVE promotesits product day by day to make the textile industry better and better. This benefits customers with the best production options.

NEWAVE has now developed one excellent IR dyeing machine, IR-18M.A sensor inside the pots supports reading of the real temperature immediately, so there is no fake data between lab and production. Specially designed angle will let you get average and flat fabric. Friendly pot set and opening rack allows for easy operation and operator’s health. IR-18M is a wonderful machine what will change your lab and quality.

IR-18M is born to solve your lab problem of dyeing. Heat from IR Lamp, and cooling from fresh air and electrical power constitute the new generation of eco-friendly machine. Special fabric holder helps user use low ratio and save water. With an eco-friendly and unique design from the perspective of operation, IR-18M is your final and wonderful decision.

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