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Intelligent technologies from HIWIN

Oct 01, 2020Sponsored
Intelligent technologies from HIWIN

HIWIN Technologies Corp. is the leading brand of motion control and system technology manufacturer. Products range from Ballscrew, Guideway, Bearing, DATORKER Robot Reducer to Industrial/Medical robot, Rotary table, which has characteristics of high speed, high precision, multifunction, and environmental friendly. HIWIN products are well established in Automation, Semi-conductor, Electronics, Medical and Precision machining industries. HIWIN is committed to intelligent automation and has the complete range of Robots, including Wafer, Six-axis, Delta, SCARA and Medical robots to reduce human labour in hazardous jobs, creating a great work environment, and improve human life. HIWIN works to achieve the goal of long-lasting business through the practices of Professional Excellence, Working Enthusiasm, and Ethics and Responsibility.

Spotlight: Key components for Intelligent Automation
DATORKER® Robot Reducer (DT): DATORKER, harmonic gearing system, has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, high torsional rigidity and low starting torque. It is widely used in Robots, Automation equipment, Semi-conductor equipment, Machine tools and other industries.

Hiwin has developed various specifications to provide customers with wide range of choice and is able to provide customised services to meet customer’s various design and technical requirements.

Ball Spline: Designed with two nuts integrating linear, rotational and spiral movements in a single axis. It can be applied in Industrial robots, Medical equipment, Swiss lathes, Textile machines, …etc.

Super Z Ballscrew: HIWIN new Super Z series have optimised traditional circulation tube design. It improves ball movement speed and reduce noise, effectively increasing the service life of the Ballscrew. It has features of compact design, smoothness, long service life, high speed and high acceleration/deceleration.

EL Auxiliary Lubrication Module: The EL Auxiliary Lubrication Module is an environment friendly lubrication system that can extend the maintenance life of HIWIN Ballscrew and Guideway to 10,000 km. The module is installed on both ends of a Ballscrew nut or a Guideway block and provides extended lubrication through a no-drip encapsulated material for a cleaner environment solution.

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