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Highly-efficient air flow tumblers from ZE HONG Industrial

Oct 15, 2020Sponsored
Highly-efficient air flow tumblers from ZE HONG Industrial

ZE HONG Industrial was established in 1988 and is a well-known company for fabric finishing experience of raising, combing, shearing and tumbling in the textile industry. In view of the problems that occur during the fabric anti-pilling process, such as a lot of manpower required and the processed fabrics getting dirty easily, the continuous air flow tumbler has been developed to reduce production costs and improve the finished quality.

This tumbler has been awarded patents in both in Taiwan and China, and it is the world’s first continuous type air flow tumbler for anti-pilling. Later, in order to pursue the excellence of fabric quality and save time and labour cost, the company begun to develop raising machines, combing machines, shearing machines, tumbling machines and hand feeling process machines since 2010. The raising machine has obtained several patents in Taiwan. ZE HONG Industrial continues to introduce new models of equipment to fulfill the different needs of fabric finishing process for its customers. Building turnkey service for the customers is their goal.

This continuous type air flow tumbler is a highly-efficient engineering anti-pilling machine, used for anti-pilling fabric processing and treatment. The jet-flow method of this machine is a treatment to achieve through hot and cold air a spreading of the fabric. This continuous type air flow tumbler’s features include:

  • Manpower-saving effective value of 80 per cent
  • Energy-saving up to 50 per cent
  • No ground touching, completely clean
  • The company also has air flow tumbling machine for improving hand feeling. The air flow tumbling machine’s features include:

  • Powerful knead and dither
  • Wide application range
  • Excellent hand feeling processing
  • Smooth and soft

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