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Circular knitting machines from Fukahama Machinery

Oct 01, 2020Sponsored
Circular knitting machines from Fukahama Machinery

Fukahama Machinery Co, established on November 1, 1983, is a professional manufacturer of circular knitting machine. For many years, the company has endeavored to expand into foreign markets, and has continued to advance the technology and improve its products. Fukahama circular knitting machines are sold all over the world as follows: South Asia, other areas of Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, America, South America, etc.

The products include:
Single Jersey Series Knitting Machine
Model: SH-XFA & SH-BFA

Double Jersey Series Knitting Machine
Model: SH-BIR2, SH-RBG4, SH-IAG24, SH-IAG22(4.2F)
Single Jersey (+3 Thread Fleece) Series Knitting Machine
Model: SH-FDF3 & SH-FDF4

Loop-Pile Series Knitting Machine
Model: SH-2SP & SH-2SPA

Vertical Wrap Series Knitting Machine
Model: SH-VWJ & SH-VW1

Semi-Jacquard Series Knitting Machine
Model: SH-SSJ & SH-DSJ

Electronic Series
Model: SH-CRB2 (Electronic rib knitting machine)
Model: SH-DEJ (Double Knit Electronic Jacquard machine)

The procedure is that the customer places the order, and after the confirmation the agent will send an order confirmation. Then the machine is put into production. If the customer needs some special specification product, the company can produce it accordingly.

On the average, the company produces about 300 sets of machine per year. To meet the extensive demand, Fukahama expanded its factory to about 3,000 square meters in the year 2007. It is estimated that production will increase to 800 sets of machine per year.

The main purpose is to provide the high quality and efficient product to its customer; furthermore, the company hopes its machines can not only meet its customer’s demand, but also bring them more profit and a great future in textile field.

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