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AskMe: Manufacturer of oval-type screen printing machines for garments

Oct 01, 2020Sponsored
AskMe: Manufacturer of oval-type screen printing machines for garments

Due to a variety of different kinds of printing chemicals, printing techniques and drying conditions, traditional carousel type printing machines, with a limited number of stations, are unable to achieve the requirements of certain processes, or their capacity cannot be improved. About 24 years ago, AskMe pioneered the development of a scalable machine with more stations, with which one machine can run as multiple production lines.

At that time the machine came out, with no one else offering a carousel printing machine corresponding to the name, the Managing Director of AskMe named the oval type screen printing machine (English name: oval screen printing machine or renamed Ellipse screen printing machine. This machine by AskMe was launched in the market, driving the trend, and is the best choice for the garment printing. Other printing machines makers also followed to produce this type of printing machine. They are also called “oval-type printing machine”.

In 2019, AskMe came out with the latest type: P-201. The advantages of the new model are its lightweight structure, high productivity, and faster speed. This new type gained very good reputation in the market. It has a newly-designed multi-function monitor. AskMe integrated some main functions from the central monitor to a smaller monitor on each printing head. This makes it easy for the operator to change the speed, printing direction and other functions on the small monitor. AskMe’s printing pallet is made with solid aluminum alloy, made by Japan’s Kobelco. It offers an even surface and stable material, and is temperature resistant to 250 to 300 degrees. In normal operation, no distortion for more than 12 years is guaranteed.

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