Automation is the only way forward: Director of MAG Solvics

Automation is the only way forward: Director of MAG Solvics

With a humble beginning in early 1990s; today, MAG Solvics has grown manifold in terms of its R&D activities, product portfolio, market size, service networks and of course gained undisputed trust and confidence from the company's numerous customers across the country and the globe.

With a humble beginning in early 1990s; today, MAG Solvics has grown manifold in terms of its R&D activities, product portfolio, market size, service networks and of course gained undisputed trust and confidence from the company’s numerous customers across the country and the globe. MAG, a leader in designing and developing testing instruments for the textile industry, has been built on a strong foundation of innovation and technological excellence.

“As the cost of production including manpower and overheads increases, naturally we tilt towards automation, where we get perfection and save time, says Dhandayuthapani (CD), Director of MAG Solvics, during an interview with ITJ Senior Sub Editor, Karthik Muthuveeran.


For MAG Solvics, what do you think are the achievements since its inception?

MAG is a two-year-old-company, where we started manufacturing basic textile testing instruments to its present status of providing complete textile testing solutions including automatic High Volume fibre testing, Evenness Tester and single yarn strength tester. Quality and continuous innovation on the products are our strength. At present MAG provides complete range of textile testing needs under one roof. Recently launched Online Monitoring system for spinning mills is well received by the industry which is another biggest achievement of MAG as we diversified from testing to online monitoring. Within a short time, we have crossed sizable spindles installation and this itself speaks on the product acceptance and repeat orders.

How does MAG Solvics meet the challenges of today? Give details of its latest machines and developments.

Competition drives us to achieve more!

We continuously innovate our products and keep on changing well ahead of the industry’s requirements. We at MAG always see from customer perspective where we combine technology and economy. Customer requirements drive us to continuously evolve our product ranges and reach expected level.

The recent successful launch and the installation base of online spindle monitoring system “SPinFO” shows that the industry will support the best in technology and value. We are developing some novel products which we will be launching in the coming months

How do you look at the potential of the Indian market for segment your company is in?

We foresee good trends from now on. There were some hiccups in the past and the market has started looking up from last month which we can see in the recently released export data. We also predict more volume coming from forward integration projects in the coming days. The recent textile policies announced by some States will provide good opportunity for all. Another major untapped area is technical textiles and automation, where we are bound to focus in future.

MAG Solvics is one of the leaders in designing and testing equipment. What are the advantages and benefits of your company’s testing machines over that of other competitors?

MAG is the only Indian company providing complete range of textile testing solutions. We have more than 130 products in the testing area. Name us a testing method; we will provide an instrument for it! quality of products and services are our strength. We provide the best product with affordable price. Moreover the fact that we are receiving repeat orders show the confidence our customers have on us.

In exports, how has the company been faring? What are its major breakthroughs?

For the period ending of third quarter, there is slight decline in our export sales. However, we will overcome in the final quarter as we have good orders as well as enquiries in hand.

Moreover, our newly launched product, SPinFO (Online Spindle Monitoring System) has been well received in the export markets and we will spread the same in other potential countries. With great support, hopefully, MAG will be one of the leading players across the world soon.

How was the response to the recently-concluded Texfair and ITMACH events?

The response in Texfair and ITMACH was extremely good. We were fully busy in both exhibitions. Since we displayed few products, everybody had appreciated its features and performance. We received quality customers, some major enquiries and orders through it. We are still working on the enquiries in order to convert them into orders.

What are the roadblocks that hamper India from realizing its potential as a leading manufacturer of textile machinery?

There will be some factors affecting every industry. We should plan for adversities and should move ahead. In textile machinery, there is no one who can compete us with quality and price combined. Hence we don’t see any roadblocks as such. The immense support from government should propel our country to new heights.

If there are any expansion on cards.

Yes. There is adding of machinery in our production line. Apart from production expansion in the current business, we have started our new plan which is totally new area and no way related to our current business. We formed new company called MAG Unicorp Private Limited and focusing towards volume business. We have started participating in projects related to Government, Swachh Bharath, NGOs, World Vision, Rotary, UNISEF and Public Enterprises from the new company. We believe, there is more scope of expansion as everyone is looking for quick solution in shorter time.

What are your suggestions to upgrade technology base of the Indian textile machinery industry?

Automation is the only way forward as we discussed earlier. As the cost of production including manpower and overheads increases, naturally we tilt towards automation, where we get perfection and save time. Many big manufacturers, sensing the huge market here are setting up bases in India to grab their share. Our manufacturers also has raised to the occasion and implant the latest technology available to float in this cut throat competitive world.

How do you think Make in India has progressed in the segment that your company deals with? What are your suggestions to give a boost to this revolutionary concept of Make in India?

Make in India basically concentrated on manufacturing industry. In our manufacturing setup, we are already into it. Now it is spread over to other areas of textiles such as weaving and other value added products. As MAG contributes for testing category, we must always be adaptive to new technology to be in the lead. The next area is technical textiles market and we must tap and work on the potential offered by it

In terms of performance, how was the year 2017 for your company as well as the industry you are in? Any plans for 2018?

Definitely 2017 is better than all the previous years. We explored new market and appointed new agents to the un-represented areas. It has been a good year and we had good growth rate. For 2018, we planned for new product launches which will happen in the coming months and we hope to end this year on a much better note.

A customer’s testimonial

"Easy to use, great service, simple and organised well. We have seen improvements on all zones after implementing MAG SPinFO. Real-time data provides us with critical insight on the performance factors, which allows us to make fast decisions and ultimately become more dynamic and competitive in the market. It has transformed the way we do business!"

– Thiruvenkatasubramaniam, Executive Director, Saravana Polythreads Private Limited, Gobi, Tamil Nadu

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