Amba Projex: Supporting industry in techtex

Amba Projex: Supporting industry in techtex

Amba Projex Ltd is a UK-based company, located near Manchester. It has manufacturing capability on sites throughout the UK and Europe. The company designs and supplies coating, flocking and laminating machines for technical textiles and composites.


Amba Projex Ltd is a UK-based company, located near Manchester. It has manufacturing capability on sites throughout the UK and Europe. The company designs and supplies coating, flocking and laminating machines for technical textiles and composites. The business further supports its clients by providing affordable fibre presentation equipment along with special purpose machinery and factory automation.

Already a UK-Government approved exporter, the business has been recognised for its export achievements till date. It has experienced representation throughout the Asia-Pacific rim and has a current and dedicated focus in the region at present. A couple of examples now follow showcasing recent installations in Australia and India.
CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) is Australia?s national science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world, recently taken delivery of a multi-use special purpose machine for its carbon fibre research activities.

Supplier Amba Projex Ltd says the equipment is unique and unlike any other research and development machine supplied till date. The machine is able to coat and laminate a range of technical textiles at a working width of 600 mm and has also been provided with the ability to film coat and prepreg glass, aramids and carbon fibre materials in both woven and tape form. This will provide CSIRO with the most versatile R&D machine in the country.  Further additions planned will include a sophisticated low cost creel for carbon, a flocking machine, a powder head for the application of epoxy compatible powders to prepreg materials and a new concept for composites lamination.

Amba Projex was selected out of several participants globally as they were able to demonstrate that they had the experience and competence. They were also able to supply all the elements CSIRO requested. Amba Projex is currently working on the design of a revolutionary production technique with selected partners which will include CSIRO to manufacture carbon prepregs and other prepreg materials in a way that will grasp the attention of the prepreg industry globally.

Dr Ron Denning, a senior research scientist at CSIRO and a project manager, says ?The machine was installed swiftly by the Amba team and was operational only four days after it arrived packed in two containers.?

At present, Amba Projex is very active in India and has installed several machines. These include: full process lines for the production of blackout and blinds, machines that can produce the best quality flocked fabrics, hot melt laminators for the production of performance apparel, powder application systems for carbon and filtration products, coating lines for industrial fabrics, and fabric prepreg equipment for composites. Amba?s machines are located all over India and clients benefit from the confidentiality that Amba provide when they engage with a client.
Barry Goodwin, Managing Director of Amba Projex, states ?We are very different from other machine providers, both local and East Asian, our credentials in the industry we serve are impeccable. We supply the process know-how and stay with the client until they can provide saleable products.?

He adds, ?We are supported in this region by Jayessh S Nanavati of Mumbai-based Sainit Exports, great support on the ground with partners that understand what you do is very important to us.?

A machine recently delivered has been installed and signed off for an established performance wear manufacturer. It allows this client to laminate both sides of a high specification composite at much greater speeds than were possible previously. Amba Projex supplied its latest MK VI AP2000 high temperature solution for this contract working closely with the customer to help source the adhesive systems and provide a reliable and robust process.
The double-sided machine configured with two reactive adhesive melters and special purpose powder application system is uniquely configured and demonstrates how flexible a solution can be engineered if the client chooses the correct machinery partner. 

Amba continues to serve business owners and entrepreneurs all over the region, so if you want a partner who understands technical textiles and not just a machine provider, we can help. Sainit Exports is one of the leading companies representing several European and far east companies in India In the field of technical textiles. Sainit Exports offer plants, projects and machinery for coating, flocking, lamination, composites, transfer films and transfer printing papers, lamination films, etc.
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