2023 will be the year of the risk takers

2023 will be the year of the risk takers

Dialogues by Nirmals is one of the leading and finest home furnishing brands, engaged in sourcing & customising premium range of home textile from across the globe. The company beautifully unite luxury & style to serve range of customers from high street retailers to commercial and institutional buyers, architect, reputed interior designers to bespoke luxury projects including homes, hotels & luxury projects. With Divya Shetty, Sachin Chauhan, Director of Dialogues by Nirmals addresses the future plans for the company, the increasing global significance of the Indian textile sector, and how the company has an advantage over other international markets.

How is the textile market at present (in India as well as globally)?

The company’s performance in FY21-22 has been the best so far. India as well as the global markets has seen a huge surge in textile consumption, as Covid made people appreciate their homes a lot more than ever before and as a result, the expenditure being made on home furnishings has never been this high.

We are already dominating the global front, we have the biggest textile manufacturers in our country. The world buys their furnishings from India, but the Indian consumers never see most of it as the retailers are not very experimental and end up playing safe.

Changing the attitude towards creating something new is essential for Indian brands to grow. What is your success story as a brand?

Creating something new is all that Dialogues by Nirmals is all about. It does involve a certain amount of risk, as we are keeping very good amount of inventory levels of all fabrics on display. However, we believe a thing of beauty is a thing of beauty and will always find its admirers.

The balance between the product offering and the price its being offered at is the key to establish ones name against established international brands. By default the international brands come at a huge premium.   One of the guiding philosophy behind Dialogues by Nirmals is to provide the best that the world has to offer but at prices that won’t burn a hole in anyone’s pocket.

What are your plans to grow your business further in 2023?

We think new areas of opportunity and product diversifications are inter-related. We do not want to be pigeon holed as a source for a particular type of fabrics, we are developing fabric range to cater to unique and highly differentiated forms of design sensibilities.

To sum up, we want to have as many options for muted minimalism to brutal maximalism and everything in between.

Do you believe in the power of local? How does it impact the business?

We are very vocal in our staunch support towards local artisans and manufacturers. In this context local translates to “India”, which makes the best fabrics in the world.

Our offerings have amongst them the best the country has to offer and it also happens to be the best the world has to offer.

The entire world looks at India as a big market. How are you taking note of that?

We definitely realise the sheer numbers that the Indian market generates and we think therein lies another opportunity. Whereas the world only looks at the numbers we also appreciate the diversity that is the Indian market, and if we marry the two the numbers can be far substantial.

Outlook for 2023

2023 will be the year of the risk takers. The people would be willing to experiment with colours, designs and textures. The businesses who want to stay in the safe brackets might get omitted altogether.”

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