<strong>Weavetech features IoT enabled machines at ITME</strong>

Weavetech features IoT enabled machines at ITME

Weavetech is a leading manufacturer of twisting and winding machines focusing on the filament segment.

The Surat-based Alidhra Weavetech Group (Weavetech) – one of the leading suppliers of indigenously designed weaving and twisting machinery – displayed multiple machines enabled with latest automation features at ITME 2022. “Weavetech is a leading manufacturer of twisting and winding machines focusing on the filament segment. In the last couple of years, we have also entered the spun segment. IoT based features of our machines help the users to improve productivity of the machine as well as the operator. For ease of operation, we have launched Operator Smart Watch for improving their productivity and helping the company to evaluate the efficiency of the operators, which incentivises good operator behavior,” informed Chintan Thumar, Director, Alidhra Weavetech Group.

At ITME, Weavetech introduced machines with new features to tap some of the booming segments of the industry. He said, “We are launching a few technologies like spun twisting with IoT (Industry 4.0) connectivity. Besides, we are showcasing for the first time fancy twisters, which will give weavers competitive advantage like creating more fancy yarns and fabrics. We are also introducing one machine for technical textiles for large package twisting. One of the troubling processes (in the production of technical textiles) is twisting yarns. We are one of the few companies in the world who has been able to develop twisting solutions for high-tenacity yarns, which is very useful for the development of the technical textiles industry in the country.”

Weavetech is also offering eco-friendly solutions for the industry. “One of our product ranges is the electric infrared heating yarn sizing machines. Sizing is normally done through steam or coal fired boilers, which cause environmental issues and require government certificate for operations. Our machines use electricity and infrared to generate heat for sizing; thus eliminating pollution,” said Chintan Thumar.

Sharing his views on the industry outlook, he said, “At present, the industry is very conservative in terms of investment. We believe once PLI 2 scheme, which will hopefully be aimed at SMEs and small scale investments, is launched, there will be a sudden boom in investments. In the coming years, our focus will be on domestic market and adding IoT (Industry 4.0) features on our machines, which will help the users’ to improve their productivity and provide them a competitive edge in the market.”

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