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Weaving terry towel: Easy with Staubli Jacquard

Nov 01, 2014
Weaving terry towel: Easy with Staubli Jacquard

An electronic Jacquard machine allows many ways to set the shed openings, and a harness can be leveled either this way or the other. However, achieving optimal quality when weaving a specific type of fabric on a specific weaving machine requires suitable equipment and proper setting of these parameters. When weaving terry towels, shed geometry and harness leveling is of particular importance, as the quality of the woven terry towels is significantly increased when the shed geometry for the pile and the ground is set individually. With a Jacquard machine plus harness provided by Staubli, the installation is not only fitted to the weaving machine´s requirements but is optimally adapted to the weaver´s needs. This means no more time-consuming settings during start-up in the weaving mill and no further or approximate mechanical adjustments.

If several terry installations provided by Staubli are to be realised simultaneously in a mill, the weaver can be sure that they are absolutely equal and uniquely dedicated to his specific operation. This service is possible because Staubli manufactures both the Jacquard machine and the harness and, thanks to very close collaboration with all major weaving machine manufacturers, has the know-how to determine the right shed for the articles to be woven by its customers.

Each Staubli customer is individual, and the wishes and needs of each weaving mill are unique and particular. This is why Staubli´s Jacquard installations with harnesses are tailored to the customer´s requirements and coordinated with the weaving machine´s shed geometry. Staubli draws on over 100 years of experience as a specialist for shed opening for any kind of fabric. Terry weavers and many others can count on and benefit from this competence.

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