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Van De Wiele: Fine, finer, finest...

Mar 01, 2015
Van De Wiele: Fine, finer, finest...

The Handlook Carpet Innovator HCiX2 machine is a three-rapier weaving machine, especially developed for weaving handlook carpets.
Customers are interested in creative and innovative products. So is the one who wants to buy a nice carpet which suits his room, house, apartment or any other place. The tools to make these attractive products are just a means but are so important we can´t neglect to have a close look. It is with pride we announce at Van De Wiele, we have the tools you need to produce these creative, colourful, high density carpets.

When we are talking about high density carpets, we are thinking handmade carpets. The final aim of machine made carpets has always been to weave perfect look-a-like handmade carpets.

Van De Wiele has developed therefore a patented three rapier weave structure in order to achieve a crystal sharp pile side and a handlook backside (no warps visible). By using three rapiers, the production is 50 per cent higher compared to similar qualities woven on a double rapier machine.

The three rapier technique gives many other advantages. As only the working pile yarns are moving and the incorporated pile yarns are stationary, the machine has a higher weaving efficiency and the carpets have a cleaner back side. Moreover, a thicker pile yarn can be used. The incorporated pile yarn is perfectly straight, reducing the consumption of dead pile yarn. As all pile tufts go to the backside of the carpet, the pile fixation is perfect. Thanks to the three rapiers, some colour switches can be made over the inside pick. The advanced and intelligent Design Master in the We@velink software system automatically eliminates possible mix-contours and double points in the carpet design. When respecting design rules and utilising the above software, a perfect design on the pile side is possible.

The handlook quality in reed 1000 dents/m and more´
The HCi X2 weave structure is used in reed densities from 300 d/m up to 1200 d/m and from 6 up to 10 colours, for classic as well as modern designs. The most common quality in reed 1000 dents/m has a density of 10 pile rows/cm, resulting in a carpet with 2.000.000 points/m². Many different pile yarns can be woven on the HCiX2: wool, acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, silk, viscose, bamboo´ Different pile heights can result in carpets with a weight between 2.4 and 3.6 kg/m².

The Handlook Carpet Innovator HCi X2 weaving machine
The Handlook Carpet Innovator HCiX2 machine is a three rapier weaving machine, especially developed for weaving handlook carpets. The machine is based on the Innovator generation, which is a strong and rigid machine, equipped with the Van De Wiele state-of-the-art servo drive technology for an increased flexibility and productivity.

Proof is given by many references in Iran, Turkey, Belgium, China´

Smart servo drive technology: A new era has started with the introduction of the innovator range. The implementation of the servo drive technology allows a flexibility never seen in design, reed density and operation of the Van De Wiele innovator weaving machines. Moreover, the production capacity has increased through better stability and less mechanical parts. With the use of Smart Frames, where each of the ground heddle frames is driven by a separate servomotor, the advantages of this system are numerous.

Smart frames allow easy changing of different ground weave structures directly programmable from the controller. The use of servomotors also allows timing differences, different dwells and asymmetric motions to weave carpets with a clean back and less incorporated yarns. These parameters are not programmable on an electronic dobby. The tight warp can be put in two layers, leading to a higher weaving efficiency, a better pile height cont