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Staublis unique Jacquards set new benchmarks

Aug 01, 2014
Staublis unique Jacquards set new benchmarks

At this year´s ITMA Asia, Staubli was producing Jacquard fabrics on four weaving machines. As a noteworthy premier, Staubli demonstrated the production of lining fabric on the world´s most modern Jacquard machine, the type SX, in conjunction with a water-jet weaving machine operating at a rate of over 1,000 weft insertions per minute. The installation is equipped with a specific harness with 12,600 cords. A special feature of this setup was that the Jacquard machine was operated by an individual motor with synchronised drive.

Staubli developed this independent transmission principle, which can be combined with any type of Jacquard machine with any number of hooks. It enables special setups that are impossible with conventional transmission types such as shaft chains or belts. The second installation was equipped with a type LX3202 Jacquard machine with 12,288 hooks and Staubli harness, weaving upholstery/tapestry fabric on a rapier weaving machine with 190 cm nominal width. Specialities of this unit are the 16 electronically selected weft colours and the capability to change the pattern on the fly, which means without stopping fabric production. The Staubli LX 3202 Jacquard machine is built for high speed and greater load capacity. It can be equipped in a range of 6,144 to 18,432 hooks.

The third Jacquard installation consists of a rapier weaving machine and a type SX electronic Jacquard machine with 2,688 hooks and a Staubli harness of 13,450 cords producing 220 cm wide upholstery fabric for car seats with 6 repeats.

And the fourth is also a type SX electronic Jacquard machine with 2,688 hooks and Staubli harness of 6,000 cords weaving car seat fabric 190 cm in width on an air-jet weaving machine operating at approximately 1,000 weft insertions per minute.

Type SX Jacquard machines are extremely versatile for broad use in modern Jacquard weaving. The machine is more compact and offers higher performance. Its nearly vibration-free drive mechanism requires a minimum of maintenance. Its sister model, the Jacquard machine type SX V, is used for the production of velvet fabrics. In this model the machine is equipped with 2,688 hooks driven by the M6.2 three-position module.

A type DX Jacquard machine including harness, which was shown at a special demonstration stand, is suitable for any standard Jacquard application and can be used with the full range of Staubli harness types. Staubli harnesses are widely appreciated by weavers for their levelling features and the perfectly balanced quality of the components, which delivers high performance and durability.

At another demonstration stand the LX32 type Jacquard machine with servo-motor drive mechanism for weaving narrow fabrics such as ribbons and labels was shown with 192 hooks and harness with 4 repeats. Like other Staubli Jacquard machines for narrow fabrics, the LX32 is programmed through the JC7N operating console. Thus all design options are left open. For details: