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Indian weavers prefer beams from KARL MAYER warp preparation

Jul 01, 2021
Indian weavers prefer beams from KARL MAYER warp preparation

The textile industry witnessed a slowdown due to the pandemic in 2020. Towards the latter half of 2020, however, a sudden rise in demand for home textiles overseas and from the domestic market spurred weaving units to install a large quantity of weaving machines; many of existing units were able to fully utilise their weaving capacities.

Over the past years, there has been a significant increase in shuttleless looms in the country due to the demand for quality fabrics and also favourable government policies for the power loom sector. While it appears as though the future looks bright for weavers in India, most micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are under pressure to upgrade the technologies they use, both improving quality while cutting costs to remain competitive. This has forced individual units to band together and form strategic alliances or become part of a common cluster so that they are able to reap the cost advantages of economies of scale.

Shuttleless weaving in India continues to grow with high-speed air-jet and rapier technologies. Weavers are also looking at other technologies to gain a competitive edge. Two additional, notable technological developments related to weaving include KARL MAYER’s PROSIZE and WARPDIRECT.

Highest warp beam quality for maximum efficiency in weaving mills
Thanks to India being a spinning hub of fine, compact, and coarser cotton yarns, Indian bed linen and terry towels are in great demand in overseas markets. Most KARL MAYER machines in India are installed in major weaving clusters like Ichalkaranji and Erode, where many of India’s quality fabrics are produced.

The latest generation of high-speed air jet and rapier weaving machines are used to produce diverse range of articles, which require high quality warp beams for best results. This is where KARL MAYER’s PROSIZE and WARPDIRECT outshine the competition: KARL MAYER’s beam warping machines ensure the exact same warping length for all warp beams, uniform thread tensions and an even winding structure. KARL MAYER’s sizing machines apply the size to the threads homogeneously over width and length but without affecting the elasticity and with low water and chemical requirements. In addition to this, the price-performance ratio of KARL MAYER’s products is just right.

“Today, customers are aiming for high quality and productivity from sizing units. For many of warp qualities they are running sizing machines at a speed of 140 to 150 metres per minute and achieving daily production targets of 100,000+ metres or 10+ tons from KARL MAYER’s PROSIZE or ISOSIZE sizing machines,” said Navin Agrawal, Vice President, A.T.E. Enterprises.

During the pandemic, when travel was severely restricted, A.T.E. and KARL MAYER were able to finalise a number of orders through online meetings alone. This shows the customers’ trust in KARL MAYER and A.T.E.