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SVPITM, NCW organise seminar on women upliftment in textile

May 01, 2019
SVPITM, NCW organise seminar on women upliftment in textile

The National Commission for Women, Government of India and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International School of Textiles and Management (SVPITM) have jointly organised a national level seminar on role of women in upliftment of textile Industry at SVPITM auditorium on March 22, 2019.

The textile and garment industry has been significant to India, contributing 14 percent to industrial production, four per cent to India’s GDP and constituting 13 per cent of the country’s export earnings. In India, female labour force participation in garment factories is also on the rise, with new entrants tending to be disproportionately female. As of 2013, eight million people in India were employed in the garment industry of which 60 per cent were women.

The entrepreneurs, employees of textile organisation, members of research associations, academicians, research scholars and students were the target audience. A total of 300 participants were benefitted by the event.

The seminar way started with a prayer song which was followed by a welcome address was delivered by Dr Venkatalakshmi, Head - Management. The precidential address was delivered by Dr C Rameshkumar, Director – SVPITM. Mohanraj, Head – Textiles, SVPITM, deliberated the participants on the various outcomes of the programme.

The chief guest of the day was Raja Shanmugham, President, TEA and BoG member of SVPITM felicitated the gathering. During his speech he deliberated on the various scope and opportunities of the garment industry. He also emphasised on the various factors that were the key to development of an export hub like Tiruppur.

The guest of Honor, Supriya Radharaman, Chief Operating Officer, The house of Angadi, Angadi Ventures, Bengaluru, during her felicitation emphasised on the empowerment of women. She also mentioned various personalities like Papul Jaykar and Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay. Even though these personalities had restrictions they were able to keep their foot forward and establish their ambitions.

First session: The first session started with a welcome address by V Mathangi, faculty – Management, SVPITM.

S Unnamalai, Partner & CEO, Aster Apparels, Coimbatore, presented on the topic, ‘Starting up Business - Decision to Success’. She stated a lot of case studies involving Steve Jobs, who during his initial days quit Apple to start another company because he did not have people with his kind of visions. She also encouraged the participants to put their foot forward and work towards becoming an entrepreneur. A lot of ideas are currently generated by todays’ youngsters but most of it is not viable.

Vijayalakshmi Nachiar, Founder, Ethicus, Appachi Eco-Logic Cotton, Pollachi, presented on the topic, ‘Ethics and Sustainability in Textile Business’. She emphasised on the use of sustainable clothing methods. Nowadays we use diapers and sanitary napkins that are usually disposed of into the environment. These products have polymers which usually take years to degrade. There by causing landfill. So usage of such products would be avoided and replaced with reusable resources.

Neha Kapil, Senior Scientific Officer, North Indian Textile Research Association (NITRA), Centre of Excellence for Protech, Ghaziabad, presented on the topic, ‘Role of women in textile research – road ahead’. She stated that research need not always be related to education, science and technology and it can be carried out by anyone, even uneducated. She revealed various facts involving research areas where women are employed.

Uma Sekar, Managing Director, Avaneetha Textiles Private Limited, Coimbatore, presented on the topic, ‘Women Entrepreneurs: Business Challenges and Opportunities’. She emphasised on the various challenges faced by her during the establishment of her company Avaneetha Textiles.

Second session: The second session started with a welcome address by R Anitha, faculty, SVPITM.

Archana Prasad, Head of the Department, Costume Design & Fashion, AJK College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, presented on the topic, ‘Women Empowerment in Textile Industry’. She stated that women since ages have been struggling to be socially and professionally recognised as equivalent to men.

Poonam Paul, Senior Manager (Systems), Vardhman Yarns and Threads, Punjab, presented on the topic, ‘Women in Management as a Strategic HR Initiative’. She stated that the work environment, across the world, is in disarray. In many organisations, employee engagement is dramatically low, stress and health problems are rampant, innovation and customer care are lagging, the talent pool is shrinking, rotation and absenteeism are high, and the well-being of workers, as well as the bottom line are suffering.

Krishnapriya, VM Creative Designer, Lifestyle International, Bengaluru, presented on the topic, ‘Women in Retail: The Case for Challenging Inequality’. She stated that the women drive 70-80 per cent of the consumer spending through their power and influence. She established fact on the women contribution in the corporate sector where 54.8 per cent of them are in the industry labor force, 42.1 per cent are in the first/mid-level officials and managers, 28.9 per cent are in the executive level, 19.9 per cent are in the board seats and 5.6 per cent are in the CEO level.

Aparna Sunku, Founder, Studio A, Coimbatore, presented on the topic, ‘Future Fit, Socially Responsible Fashion Designers. She stated that fashion, ethics and accountability is a very complex phenomenon. Fashion designers today are running after name, fame and money and totally forget about their social responsibility, due to which there is a total compromise on so many things. The focus is on the latest trends and saleability only.

Finally the session ended with a rapporteur session by the session chairman, Archana Prasad. There was a Q&A session where the participants were allowed to write and circulate the questions for which the panel provided the answers.

Third session: The third session started with a welcome address by M Bhuvaneshwari, Faculty, SVPITM.

The third session was delivered by M Varnaya Devi, Varuni Boutique, Coimbatore. Her topic of presentation was art and craft in Indian textiles. During her presentation, she stated that India is known for its rich heritage and diversified crafts with its own authenticity .

The final session ended with a valedictory address by Varnaya Devi.