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Rockwell moves ahead with The Connected Enterprise

Mar 01, 2017
Rockwell moves ahead with The Connected Enterprise

Rockwell is taking up head-on challenges of smart manufacturing with its programme for enabling smart manufacturing through The Connected Enterprise. It recently showcased excellence in manufacturing automation at Rockwell Automation On The Move, largest automation exposition, held recently at the Renaissance Hotel in Mumbai.

Talking about the automation in textile industry, Dilip Sawhney, Managing Director of Rockwell Automation India Pvt Ltd, told the Editor of The ITJ that “We are working closely with machine builders in the textile industry. Since the number of variants in the textile industry make it a little complex, we have taken up the challenges and are in the process of building up viable systems as OEM supplier.”

Said Dana Richard Burch, Director, OEM Business, Rockwell Automation: “At Rockwell, OEM business started 10 years ago. Conventional manufacturing practices and technologies have been there for quite some time. Smart manufacturing is the in-thing today, and India should not be left behind.”

Highlighting the role of Connected Enterprises in smart manufacturing, Dana Burch, Director - OEM Business, Rockwell Automation Asia-Pacific said, “The Connected Enterprise is an important pillar in helping the manufacturers capitalize on the promise of a more than ever connected world in the form of higher manufacturing velocity, reduced costs and risks and agility to the changing conditions. Rockwell Automation technology solutions enable Manufacturers and OEMs leverage their automation investments to achieve their business goals.”

Rockwell Automation has been in India for the last 35 years and is present in 17 locations inside the country. Its different partners in the country include distributors, system integrators, and technology providers.

Rockwell Automation, a 115-year old company present in 80-plus countries, concluded Rockwell Automation On The Move, the largest exposition of automation technologies, solutions and services showcased by Rockwell Automation and its PartnerNetworkTM members. With the theme ‘Operationalizing the Connected Enterprise’ the event, organized in the city, was a huge success adorned with the presence of more than 20 partners and over 1000 customers across industries.

The event offered more than 20 exhibits from the company and its PartnerNetworkTM outlining the enabling technologies and approach towards achieving The Connected Enterprise, that drives transformational value in manufacturing productivity, sustainability and global competitiveness.

Communicating the company’s focused efforts on enabling smart manufacturing, Sawhney, Managing Director said, “Smart manufacturing allows for a highly connected, knowledge- enabled industrial enterprise where devices and processes are connected, monitored and optimized to enhance productivity, sustainability and economic performance. Rockwell Automation has a portfolio of products and services that helps manufacturers incorporate smart strategies through a phased approach. This also allows them to leverage their existing automation assets while preparing for the next generation of integrated control and information innovations.”

Concurrent to the technology showcase, the event hosted Executive Forums where Industry thought leaders, analysts, and Rockwell with its strategic alliance partners shared their views on industry drivers, trends and how Connected Enterprise enables to achieve Plant wide optimization and transformation . Various Technology Sessions and Hands-on labs covered a myriad of topics such as Enabling Industry 4.0 through The Connected Enterprise, Developing Machines for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, New Technology Innovations to Operationalize The Connected Enterprise, Innovative Network Infrastructure and Security Solutions for The Connected Enterprise, and many more.