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PSB: Pioneer in winding spare parts

Jan 01, 2016
PSB: Pioneer in winding spare parts

PSB Industries, Coimbatore is promoted by an experienced entrepreneur PS Babu, who has specialisation from 1993 on winding spare parts for the domestic textile winding machines. With the wide acceptance of the winding spare parts, he has realised the need for the innovative and high demand machines such as ball winding machines, cone winding machines, tube winding machines and sewing threads paper tube making machines, thus PSB Industries has entered into developing these machines with its own in-house R&D since 2008.

Today, so far PSB Industries has successfully manufactured and supplied more than 3,500 cone winding machines, about 70 ball winding machines, more than 15 tube winding machines and 12 paper tube making machines. All these machines are working in the best performance with bare minimum maintenance against every customer specific requirements. Such requirements are mostly from repeat order customers and now at present to meet such large requirements of these machines early supply. PSB Industries is currently geared up its manufacturing facilities, with additional state-of-the-art machines and tools.

These products are no doubt innovative and successfully proven not only as cost saving but also with less maintenance and higher productivity and all the customers recovered the investments in short period of less than six months. He has ensured for all his customers “high profits” every month.

All PSB Industries products are currently marketed by Vetri Engineers, Coimbatore, a well-known company in the textile industry. Vetri ensures that PSB manufactures these products for early delivery, and also its after-sales service.