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Lakshmi Automachines online loom monitoring system

Jul 01, 2016
Lakshmi Automachines online loom monitoring system

Located in Coimbatore, Lakshmi Automachine is well known for textile automation developed by a rare class of engineers, working comfortably with both electronics and textile disciplines of engineering, thereby redefining the benchmarks to improve performance by continuous monitoring. Lakshmi Automachine is a market leader in manufacturing online monitoring systems for spinning, weaving and knitting for the past 10 years. The company has installed its products in major mills in India and abroad. The company has installations which cover more than 15,000 machines in India and other countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Lakshmi Automachine offers a wide range of products such as online spin monitoring system, online knit monitoring system, online loom monitoring system, EU Bus LED display, rolled doffer system, cloth inspection system and online power monitoring system.

Some of the features of Lakshmi Automachine´s online loom monitoring system are: Increases efficiency up to 10 per cent; maintains highest efficiency ever; increases production with same labour, reducing sizing cost; utilises maximum RPM of loom with minimum stoppages; produces A-grade fabric by controlling stoppages by real time system and decrease wastage. It can be monitored from anywhere, covers all types of looms in one computer, and is user friendly. The online loom monitoring system can get various reports like production, stoppage, efficiency, performance, efficiency trend, beam planning, comparison and exception reports in both text and graph format. It also maintains performance consistency.

Lakshmi online loom monitoring system collects the data from the loom automatically (without human interface). The user-friendly software generates useful reports both in text and graph formats.

The feather-touch keyboard on each loom (machine terminal) facilitates the operator on the floor to know the current and previous two shifts meters, efficiency, picks and to input the relevant codes for the long stops like knotting, gaiting, electrical, mechanical, cleaning, maintenance, want of spares, etc.

The microcontroller-based device is used to collect the data and shows the production details, stoppage details and efficiency details.

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