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Keisokki Classifiber that detects short fibres

Oct 01, 2016
Keisokki Classifiber that detects short fibres

Almost all manufacturers have a sampler, which is round and hence it requires a lot of skill to operate. A sampler is required to achieve identical results. Further, the sensor in the main instrument used is a wide sensor, i.e., 3 mm sensor. This also leads to lot of inaccuracies. Keisokki decided to eliminate the problems and developed a new instrument. The company introduced its computer technology-based Classifiber with:

  • Light source using special linear lamp and not normal spot lamp
  • 1 mm sensor against 3 mm sensor
  • flat sampler

The total testing time including preparing of sample and display of the fibro¬gram with all statistics on the monitor is 20 seconds only.

By making above changes in the existing technology the following advantages were achieved:

  • Longest fibre measurable is 80 mm
  • No need for calibration cotton, etc.
  • Detection of short fibres. A 3 mm sensor has limitations to detect short fibres accurately
  • Information of fibre length at 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm, etc. available simultaneously.
  • This is very important for assessment of fly generation & hairiness. Such small fibres also are known to create pilling in fabric stage.
  • Information like short fibre content, CV%, 2.5 per cent span length, 5 per cent span length, upper half mean length, etc. information is available.

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